On Saturday, the Owensboro Goodfellows Club will welcome children to the Sportscenter for its 104th Christmas Party.

There's always talk this time of year about that first party in 1916.

The old newspapers are on newspapers.com and easy to find.

But nobody talked to the children that day.

Eighty-five years later, though, the late Beulah Mae Kasinger Cambron, who died on Sept. 30, 2007, still remembered that party.

She was 5 years old in 1916.

And she was one of the children at that first party.

In 2001, when she was 90, Cambron recalled fond memories of walking with her aunt from the neighborhood around Foust Elementary School on West Fifth Street all the way to the old Grand Theatre -- across from Smothers Park where American Legion Post 9 was until recently.

The walk to the Christmas party was more than 20 blocks, a long hike on a cold day for a 5-year-old.

"We didn't think anything of walking back then," Cambron said. "That's how you got places."

More than 1,000 children were invited to that first Goodfellows party.

"It was the first Christmas party I had ever been to," Cambron remembered. "It was a really good party. There were so many people there. They had a tree and Santa Claus. I don't remember if we sang songs or not."

But she still remembered the gifts the Goodfellows gave her.

"There was a little rag doll with a chalk head," Cambron said. "And there was candy and fruit. Everybody was poor back then. We didn't have much. And it was a wonderful party."

That was the only Goodfellows party she ever attended.

But Cambron said, "I'll never forget it. The Goodfellows do such a good job for our children, buying them toys and warm clothes."

Times are tough for a lot of families this year as well.

The need to provide a Christmas party for the children is as great as it was in 1916.

And every dollar raised will go directly to help the children of the community.

Contributions to the Goodfellows Club can be mailed to or dropped off at the newspaper office, 1401 Frederica St. Owensboro, Ky, 42301.

Donations can also be made online at goodfellowsclubofowensboro.org/contribute.

Goodfellows Roll Call, Dec. 17

Previously reported … $64,833.56

Hunter Reigler … $600

Anonymous … $500

Men's Bible Class of First Presbyterian

Church of Owensboro … $200

Vicki and Ryan Robertson … $200

In memory of Catherine Adams, Lee

Gaddis, and Buddy Gaddis … $150

Gary and Carol Maglinger … $100

In memory of Jim Lovett by Bob and

Sylvia Lovett … $100

In memory of Silas A. Barnes and Eva

Mae Barnes by Jerry L. and Sandra L.

Bradley … $100

In memory of Lee Dew, and Edna and

Joe Williams … $100

In memory of my father, James Carter

by Eddy Carter … $100

In memory of our parents, Lavenia C.

Travis, and Myrtle and Hubert (Bunny)

Raymer … $100

In honor of Louise Weston by the

DCMS Lunch Bunch … $60

In memory of Spencer and Andrea

Stephen by Karen Stephen Pollard … $50

In memory of J.R., Rebecca, Melvin,

and Dorothy by Susie and Dennie … $50

In loving memory of Marhta "Nanny"

and Albert "Paw" Mattingly from your

family … $50

Anonymous … $25

In memory of Amy G. Pike by Kathryn

and Bill Raymer … $25

In memory of Jodelle S. Moore by

Kathryn and Bill Raymer … $25

In memory of Jean Ann Raymer by

Kathryn and Bill Raymer … $25

In memory of Jonna M. Raymer by

Kathryn and Bill Raymer … $25

In memory of Richard "Sonny"

Sharer 4-24-19 by Sharer I Johnston … $20

In memory of Levi Jackson … $10

In memory of Harry and Mabel

Greathouse … $10

Total as of Dec. 17, 2019 … $67,456.56

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