Every year, the South Hampton Homemakers Club adopts four to five local organizations to aid monetarily or through donating needed supplies. While the club shifts its focus annually, one organization that it traditionally supports is the Goodfellows Club.

In 1916, Lawrence Hager of the Owensboro Inquirer began serving impoverished Owensboro children at Christmas. More than 100 years later, Hager's organization, known as the Goodfellows Club, continues to provide for needy children. The 103-year-old organization provides clothing, shoes, coats and emergency dental and medical care -- year-round -- along with a December Christmas party for children in need. All of the money raised each year goes to help children; there are no administrative fees.

In all, there are eight homemakers clubs around Owensboro-Daviess County with each serving under the umbrella of the Daviess County Cooperative Extension Office. This year, the South Hampton club donated $200 to Goodfellows, said Linda Avery, club treasurer.

"Each year at our annual Christmas dinner we hold a silent auction," she said. "We try to give at least $200 every year. We all bring items in and we auction it off between ourselves and that is how we raise the money."

While Goodfellows can depend on the South Hampton club's monetary help, the club does more than that, Avery said.

"We don't just give money," she said. "We also donate our time and the respective talents of our members. One thing that we do is provide deserts for their soup day every year."

Aside from aiding in Goodfellows, all eight of the Homemakers Clubs around the area work year-round aiding charitable and community organizations as well as supporting the local 4-H and providing life-skills courses, she said.

"We will be helping Cathy Mullins fill care packages for our veterans in March," she said. "We also work to raise funds so that we can sponsor area children involved in 4-H so they can attend various summer camps. All of these organizations aiding the youth in our community are extremely important for our community and we are happy to be able to support as many as we can."

Goodfellows Roll Call, Dec. 20, 2019

Previously reported … $89,302.56

Western Kentucky Botanical Garden

Soup Day for Kids …

Anonymous cash donations … $2,697

Friend of the Garden by Betty Sue Hill …$500

Garden Angel … $250

In memory of Katherine, Hattie, Pete,

Irma, and Myron … $250

In memory of Nell and Ralph Wible, and

Lucille and Bill Scott by Gayle and

Ralph Wible … $200

In loving memory of Jay Warren and

Gordie Greene by Anna Greene … $100

Happy birthday John III and Lisa by

John and Mary Medley … $100

Sheffer Law Firm … $100

In memory of Jack, Faye, David, Uncle

Jim, Aunt Kay, and Barry … $75

In memory of Uncle Bob, Aunt Sissy,

and Mark … $75

In honor of our daughters by Gary and

Pat Satterwhite … $60

In memory of Judy and Jim Potent … $50

In memory of Sam Francis … $50

In memory of John Whitmer by Bob

and Cindy Whitmer … $50

Duke and Tamara Brubaker … $50

In honor of Barbara Bittman by Cathy

Schmitt … $25

In memory of Maxine and Jerry Price

by Patti Price … $20

Total for Western Kentucky

Botanical Garden Soup Day for

Kids … $4,652

In loving memory of Mary Jeanne and

Pete Dewey, and Nancy and Bill

Hurley … $1,000

Messenger Inquirer Soup Day for Kids .. $482

In honor of Mary Froehlich … $362

Merry Christmas from your friends at

Audubon Elementary School … $323

In memory of Marsha, Susan, and

Tommy Kasey by Jerry Kasey … $300

Married Ladies Reading Club … $265

In memory of Melissa Baber by Hager

Preschool Staff … $155

In memory of Luther and Myrtle

Mercer … $100

In memory of Joe and Catherine

Conkright by Steve and Karen

Maddox … $100

In memory of Marvin and Pauline

Melhiser by Steve and Karen Maddox … $100

In memory of Jim Wiggins … $100

In memory of Butch Clark … $100

In memory of my father, Hugh "Tommy"

Feldpausch, Uncle Ralph Clark, and

Ronnie by Michael … $100

Messenger Inquirer Customer Service

Jeans Day … $100

In memory of Matt Ross by Mike and

Mary Pat Gray … $100

In loving memory of my beloved

husband, Darrell and his traveling

Buddy, Ms Alice. Darrell and I loved our

grandparents, parents, aunts, and

uncles and I hope their celebration in

Heaven is glorious … $100

In memory of Rachel Atherton by

Wednesday Lunch Bunch … $75

In honor of Joe Bachmeier by the

OHRH Budget Mgmt Engineer Dept. … $20

Total as of Dec. 20, 2019 … $97,836.56


A listing in the Dec. 14 Roll Call

should have read: In memory of Clara

and LeRoy Bivins by Anne and James

Roberts … $25

Two listings in the Dec. 19 Roll Call

should have read: In honor of my

great-great granddaughter, Adellynn

Johnson by Betty Brewer … $10

In memory of Larry Hager, Jr. and

Frankie Scott Hager by The Lawrence

and Augusta Hager Foundation… $5,000.

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