The Friday before spring break is an unusual day at Daviess County Middle School. It's the day the teachers and the staff square off.

For the past few years, that school day ends with a sporting event, where selected eighth graders compete against the staff in a sporting event, either basketball, volleyball or soccer.

"Last year was volleyball," said Lyndsey Kunze, who teaches eighth-grade language arts. "The faculty crushed the students."

But the match this school year is soccer, and the students might give the teachers more of a run for their money, Kunze said.

"I do have some really good soccer players" among the eighth grade, she said.

The annual match is led up to with a week of mounting excitement at the school, with teachers and students talking about the event and even making commercials. While there are certainly bragging rights involved in the outcome, the event serves a much bigger purpose: It's a fundraiser for the Goodfellows Club.

"We ask each student, as their admission, to donate $1 to Goodfellows," Kunze said. "We usually get about $600."

The community is full of worthy charities that could all use a $600 donation, but Kunze said Goodfellows is important to the school because of the work the nonprofit organization does to provide clothing, shoes and other items to students who would otherwise go without.

"I know our youth services director relies on Goodfellows," Kunze said. "We couldn't do it without them."

All year long, Goodfellows provides clothing to students who don't have new clothes, and would otherwise wear hand-me-downs or items and are too small or worn out. Goodfellows is also ready to step in when a family with school-aged children has an emergency, such as a house fire.

"We have so many students that benefit from Goodfellows," Kunze said.

The eighth-graders selected to participate are boys and girls who have solid academic backgrounds and are model students. Seeing the eighth-graders take on the teachers each year gives the younger students something to aspire to, Kunze said.

The staff also takes the annual event seriously, she said.

"My staff is super-competitive, which is the only way this could happen every year," Kunze said. "... They want to win." The fundraiser is a way to show support to Goodfellows.

"It's a small contribution, but it's something we can give them every year," Kunze said.

Contributions to the Goodfellows Club can be mailed to or dropped off at the newspaper office, 1401 Frederica St. Owensboro, Ky, 42301. Donations can also be made online at

Goodfellows Roll Call, Dec. 6, 2019

Previously reported … $25,629.10

In memory of Ben Quesinberry … $200

In memory of Gary Beauchamp and

Andrew Beauchamp … $200

In honor of our special grands; Miles,

Max, Annabelle, Walter, and Sebastian

by DaDa, GaGa, Papa, and Pop Pop … $100

In memory of Suzanne Ahnell and Ellie

Magnuson by Kirsten Ahnell and W.L.

Magnuson … $100

In memory of Donna Calhoun … $100

In memory of Debbie "Doo" Terry … $100

In memory of Judge T.B. and Ollie

Mae Birkhead by Larry Birkhead … $50

In memory of Mildred and Michael

Malone by Margaret Birkhead … $50

In memory of Lydia, David, Bobbie

Jenkins, and Tony by family … $50

In memory of Jeff Hedges … $50

Alex and Patricia Monanteras … $25

Thank You … $15

Total as of Dec. 6, 2019 … $26,669.10

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