It's a wonderful gesture to write a heartfelt thank you.

The Goodfellows Club receives many letters and cards of thanks throughout the year. The club does far more than provide at-risk children with a party and gifts during the holiday season.

Throughout the year, Goodfellows works with school districts' family resource counselors to make sure students in need receive the clothing and dental care they need. The club's officials work with school officials because children are their business, and they know best who needs what.

Also, 100% of Goodfellows' donations is spent on children in need. The club pays no administrative fees. Everyone who works for Goodfellows is a volunteer.

Here is a small sample of the thank you notes the Goodfellows Club receives. Names of recipients are not included in order to respect their privacy.

Actually, these notes should be addressed to everyone in the community who hosted soup days, took up office donations or dug deep in their pockets to give to Goodfellows. Without them, none of this would be possible.

"Dear Goodfellows,

"Thank you so much for the opportunity to get my children clothes for school. I know they can go to school and stay warm.

"It means so much to kids to go to school with new clothes. Thanks to your wonderful organization for making that possible."

A mother of four children wrote a long thank you for the annual Christmas party at the Sportscenter. Here is an excerpt:

"I can't explain how helpful your selflessness has been to my family," she wrote.

"Unfortunately, my children and I lost my husband ... unexpectedly in November 2017, so this time of year has been difficult both emotionally and financially ... ."

Goodfellows helped to lessen her load, the letter said.

And, finally, this letter came in the mail.

"We want to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts. This program is a godsend to us. We are on a fixed income and if not for programs like these I don't know what we would do. You all are truly a blessing to me and my family."

Contributions to the Goodfellows Club can be mailed to or dropped off at the newspaper office, 1401 Frederica St. Owensboro, Ky, 42301. Donations can also be made online at

Goodfellows Roll Call, Dec. 19, 2019

Previously reported … $69,716.56

In memory of Larry Hager, Jr. and Frankie Scott Hager … $5,000

Mr. and Mrs. William R. Harper … $5,000

Southern Star Central Gas Pipeline, Inc. ... $1,776

Nicky Hayden Memorial Fund at the

Green River Community Foundation … $1,000

Daviess County Public Schools thanks

Goodfellows for putting "Kids First" … $705

In memory of our parents, Thomas

Roger and Sarah Humphrey and

Joseph and Jean Kotheimer; our

brothers, Alan and Kent Humphrey, and

Michael Kotheimer; and Scott and Mary

Anne Chapman by Roger and PK

Humphrey … $500

In honor of Charlie Jernigan, Harold

Pointer, and James Clark by Bobby

Epley and Belva … $500

In memory of deceased members of

the Gene Frey, Sr. and Jack

Feldpaush, Sr. families … $500

In memory of my son, Steve B. Sharp,

Love you and miss you, Mom … $300

In honor of my son, Randy D. Sharp

and family, Alicia, Stephanie, Jamie,

and Nathan, Merry Christmas, Love,

Mom … $300

Anonymous … $300

Connie Short … $250

In memory of Margaret O'Bryan

Fitts … $200

In memory of Madge O'Bryan Hill … $200

In loving memory of our parents, Fred

Lewis and Minerva Dale Lewis by the

Lewis family … $200

In memory of my wife, Martha and our

parents, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Stroud

and James and Mary Davis … $200

South Hampton Homemakers … $200

Additional donation for the Messiah … $150

In memory of Preston and Frances

Long … $150

In memory of Frances and Jim

Robinson … $100

In loving memory of R.J. and Christine

Hunter, Pete Foster, and David R.

Hunter … $100

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Knight … $100

In memory of Joan K. Adams by Paul

Morsey … $100

In honor of our grandchildren, Sam,

Isabella, Gabby, Rex, Charlie, Sylvie,

and Dillon … $100

In loving memory of Rebecca Julius

Perkins, an advocate for children by

Jean Julius … $100

In memory of William S. Horton by the

Green River Chapter of Kentucky

Public Retirees … $100

Precious memories still linger in our

hearts for Billy "Tex" Taylor by the

Taylor family … $100

In loving memory of Walter Elder by

his wife … $100

In memory of Ola Mae and Jack

Calhoun by Jackie and Tom Maddox … $100

In loving memory of my husband, Bruce

Coffey and my grandson, Jacob Bruce

Helwig by Nina Coffey … $100

Anonymous … $100

In memory of Gene Perrin and Pete

Parks … $100

In loving memory of Don Bennett,

Thelma Bennett, and Gertrude Ischer

by Marian Bennett … $60

In honor of Isabelle and Sofia … $50

In loving memory of Joseph Lee Autry,

Anthony Keith Autry, Richard Bryan

Autry, and Lonnie J. Whitfill by Anne

K. Autry … $50

In memory of Mom, Judy Bittel … $50

Julia Crago … $50

In memory of Ben, Nora, Ben, Jr., and

George Mattingly … $50

In memory of Drury and Jennie

Howard … $50

In loving memory of Herman J. Loyd by

family … $50

In loving memory of Bob and Marie

Stewart … $50

In loving memory of Bob Berry by

wife, Margaret and family … $50

In loving memory of my grandson,

Cody S. Glover who's life was taken

Sept. 3, 2017. A sweeter soul never

lived. by R.M. Miller … $50

In memory of our parents, Joseph and

Mary Jane Craycroft and Carrol and

Marianne Meister … $50

In honor of all College View Middle

School teachers and staff; especially

Hannah's teachers this year, Rhonda

Smith, Christina Howard, Christine

Tanner, Mike Riggs, Sarah Brawner,

Travis Ashby, Wes McDonald, Judy

Trunnell, and Marie Holder. God bless

you all! … $50

In memory of Lisa Evans by Allen

McManus … $50

In loving memory of Justin Adcock by

Mom, Grandmother, and Aunt Debbie .. $40

In loving memory of Lawrence S.

Murphy by Mary Evelyn and family … $30

In memory of Myrtle Winkler by

Ernestine Winkler … $25

In memory of my husband, Joseph

Darrell Evans, and our grandchildren,

Isabella Hardin, and Cody Alan

Smith … $20

In honor of my great granddaughter,

Adellynn Johnson by Betty Brewer … $10

In memory of Nicky Hayden … $10

In honor of Donnie and Shirley

Story … $10

Total as of Dec. 19, 2019 … $89,302.56

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