From the time Erica Carbon was 6 or 7 years old, the annual Goodfellows Club's Christmas party at the Sportscenter has been part of her family's holiday tradition.

Carbon was an only child. If her mom couldn't take her to the party, Carbon went with her aunts and cousins.

"We went every year, and we looked forward to going every year," she said.

As a child, Carbon remembers receiving apples, oranges and candy. Goodfellows showed holiday movies, such as "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer," on a projection screen. After a program, children would line up to receive a gift.

"We were always excited to see what toy we would get," she said.

Carbon takes her daughters now. They are Emersyn, 17 months, and Genesis, 12.

Now, Carbon is 37 and a mom of two, but she still enjoys attending the Goodfellows Christmas party.

For example, Carbon couldn't believe it when Spider Man repelled from the Sportscenter ceiling a few years ago.

"One year Santa came in on a motorcycle," she said.

As an adult, Carbon has noticed at least one positive change. Thanks to better organization, children don't have to wait in the toy line nearly as long as they did when she was small.

Carbon said she appreciates the city of Owensboro offering free bus rides to the Sportscenter for the Goodfellows party.

She wanted to share a message with donors who support Goodfellows.

"You never know the smile you put on these kids' faces. For a lot of these kids, that's all they get," Carbon said.

Contributions to the Goodfellows Club can be mailed to or dropped off at the newspaper office, 1401 Frederica St. Owensboro, Ky, 42301. Donations can also be made online at

Goodfellows Roll Call, Dec. 24, 2019

Previously reported … $103,786.56

Mortgage Operation at Independence

Bank … $2,850

William M. and Sherry O'Bryan

Charitable Fund … $2,000

In memory of Ernie and Martine

Davis and Troy and Lucille Vowels

by Ernie and Lou Davis … $2,000

In loving memory of Marjorie and John

Hager and Alex Hager … $2,000

In loving memory of my grandparents,

Augusta and Lawrence Hager and Paul

and Dolly Held … $2,000

In loving memory of Bill McManus and

Larry Hager, Jr. … $2,000

Anonymous … $1,500

In memory of Don Moore, Jr., and our

parents, Dickie and John … $1,000

In honor of OPS students by the OPS

Central Office staff … $681.71

Independent Insurance Agents of

Owensboro … $500

In loving memory of Grace Medley

Ebelhar … $500

Southern Oaks Elementary School

Jeans and Soup Day for Kids … $400

In memory of Bob Harris and

George Warren by Discdaddy

family and friends … $400

In memory of our Graddad, Dr. John

S. Oldham by Jeffrey, Seth, Benjamin,

and Josie Oldham, and Mitchell and

Walker Owens … $300

In memory of our parents, Ray and

Ruth Carby, and Harry and Eva

Morris … $250

YourCause, LLC Trustee for Marathon

Petroleum Company … $210

In memory of Bandit and Baxter … $200

Leslie and David Parker … $200

In memory of our loving grandson,

Brendan Lee Hendricks by Terry and

Linda Hendricks … $150

In memory of Jim and Peggy Ryan by

Joe and Sue Haycraft … $125

In memory of Dr. H.C., Deloris, and

Glenn Deyton by TD's … $125

In memory of Kenny, Frankie, and

Gary Harris by TD's … $125

In memory of Inez Winstead … $100

In memory of Sally Wilford … $100

In memory of Marjorie Childress by

her family … $100

Anonymous … $100

In loving memory of Dad, Mom,

Randall, Darrell, Ike, Jenny, Doc, Kato,

and Midnight … $100

In honor of my good friend, George

Collignon by Ernie and Lou Davis … $100

In memory of Worden Thompson by

Carol Thompson … $100

Chuck and Wanda Keown … $100

In honor of kids at Emerson Academy

by Darrell and Denise Higginbotham … $100

In honor of Richard and Jan Evans … $100

Bryants Chapel Church … $51.37

In honor and memory of my parents,

Euwin and Augusta Beller by Les

Beller … $50

In honor and memory of my parents,

Jim and Virginia McFarland by Mary

Lois Beller … $50

In honor of our good friends, Bob,

Heather, and Mason Clark … $50

In memory of Rose Whitsett and

Charlotte Baumgarten … $50

In honor of Paul and Lisa Heady … $50

Happy Birthday, Kate! We love and

miss you! Love, Mommy and Glenny-

Benny … $50

In memory of Steven Wiseman by

Trish, Kris, Paula, Jessica, Paul, and

Gary … $30

In memory of Fred Reeves and Hugh

Frashure by Mike reeves … $26

In memory of "Horse" Johnson by Joan,

Todd, Robin, Carla, and Carrie … $25

Anonymous … $25

In memory of Edith Todd and George

and Earnestine Neal by M & S Neal … $25

In memory of Joe Durban, Officer Bill

Fenwick, George Smith, and

Margie Moore by M & S Neal … $25

In memory of Steve Thompson, Carl

O'Bryan, Junior Campbell, and

others at Lanham Brothers

Construction by M Neal … $25

In memory of Bonnie Carter , We love

and miss you! Mark, Terri, Emily and

Matt … $25

In memory of Bernard and Marjorie

Calhoun with love, Glenn and Sheila … $25

In honor of Dan and Sue Howard. Merry

Christmas Mom and Dad! With love,

Glenn and Sheila … $25

In memory of James and Sarah

Parker, and Hubert and Jenny Haire … $20

In memory of parents, Mr. and Mrs.

James O. Beane, and my son, J.W.

Robertson by Linda L. Jones … $20

In memory of Pvt. Douglas, Maria and

Walter Mattingly by Hazel and Dan

Mattingly … $15

In memory of Ethan Gillim … $10

Total as of Dec. 24, 2019 … $124,975.64

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