In its most recent fiscal court meeting, Hancock County voted unanimously to pass a Second Amendment Sanctuary Resolution.

In a 5-0 vote, Fiscal Court declared with its resolution that the county will receive its guidance regarding gun regulations and restrictions from the Second Amendment, which, according to Hancock Judge-Executive Johnny Roberts, directly lays out the law for the right to bear arms.

“In our community, we have a lot of people that are strong supporters of the Second Amendment, like myself,” Roberts said. “When you look across the country, there is some infringement on that, so basically, it’s just a resolution saying we believe in the Second Amendment.”

The decision to pass the resolution is in response to the proposed red flag law being discussed in the Kentucky General Assembly this month that would allow family members and law enforcement to petition the courts to temporarily remove a person’s firearms if that person is found to be a danger to themselves or the public.

Counties throughout Kentucky and several other states have also begun discussing gun sanctuary ordinances and resolutions.

However, Kentucky passed House Bill 500 in 2012 that prohibits counties from making any laws or regulations regarding firearms, ammunition or any associated accessories.

When asked if he believes opposition of laws regarding firearms should remain within the authority of the judicial branch of government, the courts, rather than the executive branch, of which county government is a part, Roberts said he has not seen HB 500 and therefore did not have a comment about it.

“There’s always a tug and pull between the state and federal, or a county in that state,” he said.

As to whether or not the county plans to enforce any proposed state laws regarding gun control, should they pass, Roberts said the county will have to turn to its attorney for advice if and when it happens. He said he does not see those laws passing in Kentucky, however.

“If that happened, I’d consult with the county attorney,” he said. “Honestly, in my opinion, I do not see that happening in Kentucky anyway. I’d be really surprised if it did.”

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