These food services were inspected by the Green River District Health Department from Aug. 12 through Sept. 17. The following are letter-grade definitions

A -- 85 to 100 percent with no critical violations.

B -- Failed two consecutive regular inspections or a follow-up inspection.

C -- Any critical violations or 84 percent and below. A follow-up inspection is required within 10 days.

No Grade -- Establishment sells prepackaged foods only and does not receive a letter grade.

• Papa Murphy's, 3211 Frederica St., (100) Aug. 12. Grade: A.

• Red Lobster, 3410 Frederica St., (100) Aug. 12. Grade: A.

• Gary's Drive Inn, 2220 Veach Road, (100) Aug. 26. Grade: A.

• Subway, 3470 New Hartford Road, (100) Aug. 26. Grade: A.

• Los Cabos, 2845 W. Parrish Ave., (98) Sept. 10. Grade: A.

• Owensboro Catholic Middle School, 2540 Christie Place, (100) Sept. 11. Grade: A.

• Menards, 3001 Heartland Crossing, (100) Sept. 11.

• MOD Pizza, 2710 Heartland Crossing, (97) Sept. 6. Grade: C. Violations: Toxic chemicals not labeled and stored improperly on food/food prep areas. Need chlorine test kit. Need food safety managers training. Need employee health policy -- must state/list food-borne illness and restriction and exclusion. During a follow-up inspection, all violations were corrected (100) Sept. 10. Grade: A.

• Wasabi Express, 636 Southtown Blvd., (100) Sept. 12. Grade: A.

• Iron Jungle, 105 Carlton Drive, (100) Sept. 11.

• Daniel Pitino Shelter, 501 Walnut St., (100) Sept. 11. Grade: A.

• Papa John's Pizza, 2510 Frederica St., (99) Sept. 11. Grade: A.

• Fern Terra of Owensboro, 1415 W. First St., (100) Sept. 17. Grade: A.

• Eastview Elementary, 6104 Kentucky 405, (100) Sept. 17. Grade: A.

• Walgreens, 3312 Kentucky 54, (100) Sept. 17.

• Owensboro Catholic High School Steele Stadium, 3000 Frederica St., (99) Sept. 10. Grade: A.

• KWC Steele Stadium, 3000 Frederica St., (99) Sept. 10. Grade: A.

• Owensboro-Daviess County Youth Football League, Todd Bridge Road, (100) Sept. 10. Grade: A.

• The Dugout Diner, 1212 E. 18th St., (88) Sept. 11. Grade: C. Violations: There was a complaint of bare-hand contact with ready-to-eat food, and the complaint was valid. Back hand sink blocked with wares. No consumer advisory for eggs cooked to order. Make table temp a little higher. Personal items among food prep items. Improper glove use. Duct tape on make table lid. Three-compartment sink improperly set up. During a follow-up inspection, all violations were corrected (100) B. The B rating is due to two consecutive failed inspections.

• Audubon Area Head Start Seven Hills, 2401 McConnell Ave., (100) Sept. 12. Grade: A.

• Big Lots, 4610 Frederica St., (100) Sept. 12.

• Carmel Home, 2501 Old Hartford Road, (100) Sept. 12. Grade: A.

• Azucar Lounge, 116 W. Second St., (100) Sept. 12. Grade: A.

• Arby's, 3401 Villa Point, (100) Sept. 12. Grade: A.

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