Kentucky Wesleyan College announces the fall 2020 President’s List and Dean’s List. To be eligible for the President’s List for superior academic achievement, students must attain a 4.0 grade point average while carrying a minimum of 12 semester hours. To be eligible for the Dean’s List, students must attain a 3.5 grade point average on a 4.0 scale while carrying a minimum of 12 semester hours.

President’s ListDaviess County: Breanna Alderton, Aliyah Berry, Allyson Boone, William Boultinghouse, Nathan Boyle, Blake Bryant, Leah Cravens, Macy Dame, Lauren Elliott, Jonathan Goodwin, Simon Hanson, John Hayden, Karlee Hoffman, Michael Hoover, Angel King, Dylan McDuffee, Madison Miller, Maxten Miller, Lacie Mills, Austin Minton, Misti Morris, Jessica Shelton, Felicia Velotta, Alexis Wilkerson, Karli Wilkerson.

Hancock County: Christopher Jacobs.

McLean County: Katherine Miller.

Muhlenberg County: Amber Carter, Melina Carter, Sarah Dearth, Kyleigh Laster, Clarissa Robinson.

Ohio County: Kadence Howard, Nicole Miller.

Dean’s ListDaviess County: Madison Atherton, Naomi Belcher, Matthew Bell, Sarah Bell, Isabelle Birkett, Camron Blandford, Brooke Boarman, Madelin Boarman, Jacob Boling, Jerron Boling, Shelby Boone, Jackson Brett, Andrew Burke, Gracie Cart, William Carter, Sarah Clemens, Elizabeth Collier, Megan Crawford, Evan Decker, Anjali Devi, Haley Faucheux, Jenna Feldman, Lacey Fitzgerald, Ashton Frantz, Jaqueline Galindo-Hidalgo, Alexa Gerteisen, Abby Goodall, Andrew Goodwin, Dillon Greene, Leslie Ann Greenwell, Austin Hamilton, Cameron Hamilton, Nathan Hayes, Jillian Higdon, Summer Hillard, Chloe Hinchcliffe, Natalie Hinchcliffe, Ryan Hodges, Taylor Howard, Madisyn Hunt, Mary Hyland, Courtney Kamuf, Madison Kennedy, Owen Krahwinkel, Stephen Kurz, Rachel Kyle, Lance Lewis, Madison Lowe, Makayla Lowe, Morgan Marksberry, Heather Mast, Katherine Mattingly, Reece Mayfield, Amber McNeese, Kaylee Nacey, Shannon Nyhuise, Adrianna Ortiz, Brianna Owen, Ashlyn Payton, Madison Poe, Amanda Pyle, Jessica Rice, Cole Richards, Reagan Riggs, Declan Sandifer, Jacob Shelton, Madeline Shook, Shelby Taylor, Rachel Terry, Ryan Thomson, Savana Travis, Sarah Vanderhoof, Madison Vowels, Joshua Webb, Karlee Widmer, Chloe Wood, Shyann Worthington.

McLean County: Josiah Berggren, Peyton Caraway, Morgan Carroll, Caleb Johnson, Sydney Maison, Kenzie Tomes, Kendall Weldon, Morgan Carroll.

Muhlenberg County: Peyton Johnson.

Ohio County: Keeley Addington, Kennedy Addington, Chelsea Arnold, Peyton Caraway, Evan Decker, Brooklynn Moore, Austin Sexton, Madeline Shook, Shelby Stearsman, Zachary Williams.

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