No need for a fairness ordinance

On the discussion of "fairness": Why is the race card often brought up in comparison to homosexuality? They are totally two different things. I can never naturally be a different skin color than what I am now no matter how much I want to be. But if I choose, I could be a homosexual today.

You might say that you were born with those feelings for the same sex. Maybe so; we were all born with the tendency to sin one way or another, but Jesus has come to forgive and help us walk away from lifestyles and ways that are sinful. "A bruised reed He will not break, and a smothering wick He will not snuff out."

Why do we need a "fairness" rule? I don't know of any job application that asks what your sexual preference is. A company I used to work for hired a girl, who went up to another girl during work and told her that she was a lesbian. Why in the world would you do such a thing? We are there to work, not talk about our sexual preferences.

We have laws already that are to protect all citizens from physical harm. The guys that killed Matthew Shepard years ago should have gotten the death penalty if they didn't already.

What you want to do is force all society to accept your lifestyle. And that is not right nor fair. The homosexual community is not suffering from major job discrimination nor homelessness. If you have the skills, someone will hire you, and if you have the money someone will rent you a place to live.

James Johnson


More businesses, agencies should use retreat center

I enjoyed the article about the Mount Saint Joseph Retreat Center in the Saturday, Sept. 21 Messenger-Inquirer. It is a very peaceable setting.

It would be nice to see businesses and non-profit organizations in the tri-state area have their annual meetings and day retreats at this peaceable location. It would be more enjoyable to sit in one of the comfortable conference rooms than sitting in a bland conference room looking at the ceiling wishing you were on a golf course somewhere playing golf.

When I worked for the Green River District Health Department, we had a day-retreat at the retreat center. It was a most enjoyable day with lunch. The staff enjoyed the day away from the office. It was good for morale. I believe if more businesses and non-profit organizations had a peaceful day at the retreat center, they would see the benefits to their staff.

Ed Cecil


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Stanley Lightner

With the arrogant and ignorant posts regarding a fairness ordnance it becomes ever more clear we need basic civics education in high school so that people can participate in our democracy. Outlying communities do not have nor have they ever had a say in the governance of Owensboro. They have a much right to dictate the direction of Owensboro as they have to rule over Paris France, London England, Moscow Russia, etc. It is very distressing to their level of ignorance and it helps to understand why trump was elected. It is also very alarming to know a 2017 national pol of Republicans supported the idea of having trump become the dictator/king of the US. Again the low level of civics education is demonstrated. It also becomes quite apparent the true patriots in America are not the flag waving screaming reactionary hate mongers, but those of us who identify as progressives and wish to improve our country, not turn it into some sort of theocracy like colonial Salem.

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