The Associated Press reported recently that a "commission set up by Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf recommended that Pennsylvania redraw congressional and legislative districts through an 11-person appointed group that would provide a set of options that state lawmakers would choose from."

The report by the Pennsylvania Redistricting Reform Commission said "people want limits on the role of politicians in drawing maps and take a dim view of the current system's emphasis on gaining partisan advantage."

Well, duh!

Pennsylvania House Republican spokesman Mike Straub said, "We will take into consideration proposals to modernize the current process, but an 11-member panel will never be as representative of the commonwealth as 253 legislators and the governor is."


Since the beginning of time, politicians have been trying to draw districts that would benefit their parties.

And once the 2020 census is completed, Kentucky will be going through the process of redrawing districts for the U.S. House of Representatives, the Kentucky House of Representatives and the Kentucky Senate along with those of judges.

The process will once again be controversial.

And we need to find a fair -- and not political -- way of drawing the new districts.

Democrats try to draw districts that will help elect more Democrats.

Republicans try to do the same.

And the courts usually have to get involved.

It would be nice to appoint a nonpartisan panel to do the job.

But even then, there's a good chance that members of the panel would still want to try to help their party.

Here's my proposal: Outsource the job of redistricting to a firm in India or some other country where nobody knows the demographics of the districts.

Have the firm selected by some firm out of state and make it a felony for them to release the name of the firm to anyone.

That's about the only way to make redistricting fair and nonpartisan.

Keith Lawrence, 270-691-7301,

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