Retro Shock bringing classic pop to Friday After 5

Photo submitted Retro Shock will perform at the Jagoe Homes patio stage at the BB&T Plaza at the RiverPark Center on Friday, July 12.

By day, Michael Dawson works as a web developer.

Every weekend though, he picks up his guitar and takes on the role of lead singer and guitarist for the classic pop band Retro Shock.

Dawson said he got his start in music as a choir member.

"I had taken choir classes all through elementary, junior high and high school," Dawson said. "A friend of mine asked me to start playing guitar for him right after high school."

Dawson said he took a break from music after he got married. In his time away from music, he raised a family.

Once his children were old enough to stay by themselves, Dawson said he and his wife would go out and watch different bands perform.

"She missed hearing me play and suggested I join or start another band," Dawson said. 'I did, and here we are."

After his 10-year hiatus, Dawson helped create Retro Shock.

"It's very fun," Dawson said. "We just play with some really fun people and great musicians."

However, Retro Shock has seen its share of difficulties. Dawson said the biggest of these challenges has been finding bandmates who enjoyed the same genres of music.

Dawson said another challenge has been the increased competition.

"In the past, there were more bars than bands," Dawson said. "Now, there are more bands than bars. We try to stay marketable by focusing on a certain audience and playing songs that they grew up with."

As a web developer, Dawson said he enjoys the "geeky" side of performing, such as the electronics and technology that go into a performance.

"I love all the technology," Dawson said. "(And) anything that we can do to help automate our shows and take the workload off of us so we can spend more time performing."

Retro Shock will perform Friday at the Jagoe Homes patio stage on the BB&T Plaza at the Riverpark Center from 6:30 to 10 p.m.

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