Art at the county fair

To the Editor,

On Aug. 26, 2022, I opened my Grayson County Fair catalog and discovered there was no page for “Fine Art.” It has been in the catalog for as long as I can remember.

After looking through the catalog, I decided I would take four paintings and enter them in the “Hobby Division,” so I could be part of the 2022 local fair.

A lady working at the fair told me to bring more paintings and they would find someone to take care of the “Fine Art.” So I returned before the 7 p.m. deadline with three more paintings and entered them in “Fine Art.”

I talked to the ladies working at the fair, Kentucky Farm Bureau office, your office (Grayson County News), and the Grayson County Extension Service. After going to all those places, I was told to talk to the Grayson County Fair Board.

I’m sure there were very many upset people about the decision to not have “Fine Art” in the Grayson County Fair catalog. There are many artists in Grayson County! This decision, whoever decided to make it, affects people from first grade to adult.

The 2022 catalog was 51 pages. It’s really sad that, for whatever reason, “Fine Art” could not be included. I suggest that anyone who was upset about that decision should talk to any of the 13 Grayson County Fair Board members.

Charlotta Soenneker

Clarkson, Ky.

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