The Grayson County Farm Service Agency will be holding a County Committee election in November for Local Administrative Area (LAA) 1.

Grayson County is made up of three areas for which the elections rotate each year. The County Committee is a farmer-elected committee that is key in the successful administration of farm programs.

Committee members assist in carrying out programs assigned to the FSA. They have duties that include informing farmers of programs and provisions, keeping up with weather and crop conditions in their LAA, recommending needed changes to farm programs, and participating in monthly meetings.

This year, the election area, LAA 1, consists of Central Grayson County, including the Leitchfield, Sadler, and Hanging Rock communities, as well as surrounding areas east of Highway 187 and west of Highway 259 and Highway 88.

Producers can verify their Local Administrative Area by contacting the Leitchfield Service Center at (270) 259-3716.

The Leitchfield Service Center in Grayson County would like to introduce nominees for the upcoming County Committee Election:

Jack Ewing and his wife of 21 years, Connie, are from the Leitchfield community in Grayson County. Jack has four children, two daughters and two sons. In his early years, he grew up on a farm in Green County where, as a young boy, he helped work the family farm. Upon graduating from University of Kentucky, Jack worked for International Harvester. In 1971, Jack was hired as an agent for the Grayson County Extension Office and moved to Grayson County.

Ewing purchased a farm of his own in 1975 where he has raised cattle and hay. After 44 years of service to the farmers of Grayson County, Ewing retired as extension agent in 2015. Jack is active with the Methodist Church and does what he can to support the community. Jack ran for county committee right after his retirement and served a term.

When asked why he wanted to run for the county committee again Jack stated, “I have dedicated my career to helping farmers in Grayson County and would like to continue in any way I can.”

Joey Stevenson was born in Grayson County and is a part of the Leitchfield community. Joey was born into farming and now runs the farm that has been in his family for more than 80 years, for more than 50 of those years he helped his family raise cattle and tobacco.

After working at Vermont American in Leitchfield for 20 years, he realized his time there would eventually be cut short with rumors of the factory closing; it was at this point Joey decided to grow his cattle herd and put himself in a position to make it as a full-time farmer. Joey now runs a cattle herd that consists of registered Gelbvieh and Charolais, around 100 “mama cows,” and has been an active member of the Grayson County Cattleman’s for nearly 20 years and served as a past vice president.

Stevenson is proud of what he does and considers himself a self-sufficient farmer who tries to run his operation as organically as possible.

Joey is currently serving on the COC and when asked why he wants to run for another term, he stated, “I understand the struggles of farmers today and take pride in the opportunity to reach out and make it better.”

Terry Drake grew up in the Mulberry Flats community of Grayson County and currently lives in the Holly Community. Terry was raised on a dairy farm and was active there until 1999. He has raised tobacco all his life but decided to get out of the tobacco business for 2022, focusing on raising hay to sell.

Drake has also been a carpenter most of his life. Terry was GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) certified for 10 years and is currently a member of Cattleman’s.

When asked why he wants to run for county committee, Terry said he would like to be a “voice for the small farmer” and that he would “enjoy the opportunity to help provide knowledge about the programs offered through FSA.”

He said it would also be a nice opportunity to follow in his dad’s footsteps, who was a member of the COC years ago.

All nominees are exceptional and have experienced the ups and downs of farming. Please give them your support by voting.

Ballots were mailed on Nov. 7, 2022 and must be received by the county office at 119 Commerce Dr., Leitchfield, KY or postmarked by Dec. 5, 2022. If you did not receive a ballot and feel that you should have, please stop by the Farm Service Agency to inquire.

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