Grayson County Schools has received a $10,000 grant from this year’s WHAS Crusade for Children.

The district’s grant was one of 216 announced by the Crusade on June 30 for the benefit of agencies, schools, and hospitals that serve children with special needs in Kentucky and Indiana.

“We are grateful to the Crusade for Children for granting this funding for our students,” said Special Education Director Tracie Johnston. “Our thanks also go out to the many fire departments and volunteers whose tireless efforts raise these funds each year for our kids and our community.”

The Crusade grant will allow the district to provide communication boards for elementary and preschool playgrounds, where it can sometimes be challenging for students to communicate and interact with their peers. This can be especially true for those who may have limited or non-verbal abilities or need help with visual cues of expectations.

The communication boards will be mounted on posts in the ground with simple pictures and cues that children already use in their daily lives. The boards are a simple but very effective tool that will take academic, social, and emotional learning outside the classroom, making the schools’ playgrounds even more inclusive, according to Johnston.

Students learn in every environment and these boards will open that learning in a social setting where communication is important through the use of these stationary pictures and cues to expand learning into their play, she said.

The boards will assist all students, particularly those with physical and mental, and emotional, challenges by giving them a visual picture to understand where their language skills may not yet be adequate,” said Johnston. “We will also encourage parents to become engaged with the signs and how they work, as our playgrounds are accessible to families after hours.”

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