The Grayson County Sheriff’s Office has released its activity report from January to June of 2022.

Deputies and staff attempted to serve 1,500 court papers with 625 of those being successfully served. During those six months, deputies made over 350 arrests with many of those being drug possession/trafficking related, conducted nearly 500 extra patrol requests, and wrote over 525 citations with approximately 100 of those being speed and/or seat belt related.

Deputies removed 15 drunk/drugged drivers from Grayson County roadways and worked over 205 collisions on Grayson County roads. Deputies and staff, many of whom are certified vehicle inspectors, conducted over 1,722 vehicle inspections. They opened over 115 criminal cases and prepared 101 incident reports.

Working deputies assisted over 180 stranded motorists throughout the county and issued 130 courtesy notices in lieu of traffic citations. Deputies recorded over 120 hours in court time and participated in approximately 100 special details. In addition, deputies served, transported and babysat over 20 mental inquest patients, which can take up most of a shift.

“Grayson County citizens continue to call in tips on the whereabouts of our Most Wanted and drug tips as we continue apprehend our frequent flyers,” said Grayson County Sheriff Norman Chaffins.

In addition to the drug arrests road deputies made, the Greater Hardin County Narcotics Task Force/LPD detective opened over 52 drug cases in Grayson County from April to June 2022. Of those 52 cases, 14 of them were methamphetamine, nine were prescription drug trafficking, 20 investigations involved other drugs (fentanyl, ecstasy, etc.), eight were trafficking in marijuana cases, and there were many others.

The LPD detective arrested 30 people in those three months alone. The GCSO shares drug information with the GHCNTF detective, and many of those investigations stemmed from tips from citizens.

“We will continue to share info with our Task Force to maximize our resources and continue to battle the scourge that drugs have in our communities,” Chaffins said.

“We at the Grayson County Sheriff’s Office feel that it is important for our citizens to be able to keep up with what their deputies are doing by keeping track of our activities,” said Chaffins. “During the month of July and the rest of 2022, Grayson County citizens should expect to see traffic safety checkpoints at approved locations throughout our county as we work hard to remove impaired drivers and illegal drugs from our roads. Our traffic safety checkpoints will focus on unbelted occupants and impaired and/or reckless drivers. An approved traffic safety checkpoint list is available for view to the media and the public at the Grayson County Sheriff’s Office.”

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