The Grayson County Sheriff’s Office on Tuesday shared a scam alert on its official Facebook page.

“Please be aware that there are pathetic low life scumbags that are attempting to get money from you by pretending to be from the Grayson County Sheriff’s Office (GCSO), and, no, I don’t mean from tax collections,” officials said in the statement.

The latest scam reported is that individuals will receive a phone call from someone stating they owe money and tell them that the next phone call they receive will be from the GCSO.

The caller ID will show the Grayson County Sheriff’s Office phone number, which will have been “spoofed,” officials said.

“More than likely the person on the other end will have a foreign accent,” the statement reads. “In this case, the complainant stated that it was a ‘Mexican’ or Latino accent. You should note that, as of the date of this post, we do not have any ‘Mexicans’ or Latinos working for us, and we will never call you to tell you that you owe us money unless you receive a call from me (Grayson County Sheriff Norman Chaffins) personally because you have a returned check or there is an issue with a tax payment. In either case, we would have you to personally come into the office to take care of it and will not take payment over the phone.”

Officials said that this is the time of the year where scams are rampant, and some are very believable. Many ask the victim to purchase money cards or ask for credit card or bank information.

“If that request is made, hang up the phone,” officials said. “If there is any doubt you may call our office during normal business hours or report it to any one of our deputies.”

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