Grayson County defeated visiting Ohio County in a high school track and field meet at Cougar Stadium on Tuesday, May 3.

Sweeping the event, Grayson County prevailed in the final boys’ and girls’ standings.

The Cougars won 72-70, and the Lady Cougars prevailed 76.5-51.5.

Grayson County won 18 of the 35 events held during the high school track and field meet.

The results for the Grayson County track and field program follow.

Boys’ 4x800 Meter Relay: 2. Grayson County A (Luke Cann, Tyler Portman, Sebastian Fulkerson, Jason Higdon); 3. Grayson County B (Shane Hall, Landon Lowrey, Daniel Ratley, Lane Beasley).

Girls’ 100 Meter Hurdles: 2. Alyissia Searfoss.

Boys’ 110 Meter Hurdles: 1. Devon Keller.

Girls’ 100 Meter Dash: 2. Kaylee Jessie, 4. Addie Higdon, 6. Mary Black, 7. Cheyanne Baker.

Boys’ 100 Meter Dash: 3. Teagan Piggott, 6. Luke Scott, 8. Jake McClure.

Girls’ 4x200 Meter Relay: 1. Grayson County A (Rebecca DePoyster, Maycee Seibert, Mary Black, Cheyanne Baker); 2. Grayson County B (Kiera Murphy, Bailey Tilford, Stephanie Cruz-Gil, Riley Pawley).

Boys’ 4x200 Meter Relay: 1. Grayson County C (Luke Scott, Jake McClure, Kenny Dao, Devon Keller); 2. Grayson County A (Logan Broome, Jason Higdon, Andrew Spears, Sebastian Fulkerson); 3. Grayson County C (Lane Beasley, Landon Lowrey, Zach Pierce, Tyler Portman).

Girls’ 1,600 Meter Run: 1. Gracie Portman, 3 Molly Geary.

Boys’ 1,600 Meter Run: 1. Peyton Nash, 2. Houston Brooks.

Girls’ 4x100 Meter Relay: 1. Grayson County B (Jennifer Cruz-Gil, Georgia Keown, Amelia Hayes, Elizabeth Evans); 3. Grayson County A (Cheyanne Baker Riley Pawley, Maycee Seibert, Mary Black), 4. Grayson County C (Kiera Murphy, Bailey Tilford, Akya Taylor, Norea Watson).

Boys’ 4x100 Meter Relay: 2. Grayson County B (Sebastian Fulkerson, Zach Pierce, Andrew Spears, Ethan Hall); 3. Grayson County A (Logan Broome, Kenny Dao, Jake McClure, Luke Scott).

Girls’ 400 Meter Dash: 1. Elizabeth Evans.

Boys’ 400 Meter Dash: 1. Jackson Crume, 3 (tie). Tyler Portman, 3 (tie). Jason Higdon.

Boys’ 300 Meter Hurdles: 2. Devon Keller.

Girls’ 800 Meter Run: 2. Gracie Portman.

Boys’ 800 Meter Run: 1. Peyton Nash, 2. Houston Brooks, 3. Shane Hall.

Girls’ 200 Meter Dash: 1. Kaylee Jessie, 2. Addie Higdon, 4. Cheyanne Baker.

Boys’ 200 Meter Dash: 2. Teagan Piggott, 4. Luke Scott, 7. Jacob Doerr.

Boys’ 3,200 Meter Run: 2. Luke Cann.

Girls’ 4x400 Meter Relay: 1. Grayson County A (Chloee Darst, Rebecca DePoyster, Addie Higdon, Abigail Pennington).

Boys’ 4x400 Meter Relay: 1. Grayson County A (Jackson Crume, Sebastian Fulkerson, Houston Brooks, Peyton Nash); 2. Grayson County B (Raul Romero, Tyler Portman, Ethan Hall, Jason Higdon); 3. Grayson County C (Lane Beasley, Logan Broome, Landon Lowrey, Shane Hall).

Girls’ High Jump: 1. Chloee Darst, 3. Makenna Findley.

Boys’ High Jump: 3. Lane Beasley, 5. Zach Pierce.

Girls’ Pole Vault: 1. Amelia Hayes, 2. Abigail Pennington.

Boys’ Pole Vault: 1. Zach Pierce, 2. Dylan Gibson.

Girls’ Long Jump: 2. Kaylee Jessie, 3. Rebecca DePoyster, 5. Maycee Seibert, 6. Norea Watson, 7. Akya Taylor.

Boys’ Long Jump: 2. Jackson Crume, 4. Raul Romero, 8. Logan Brume.

Girls’ Triple Jump: 2. Kaylee Jessie, 3. Maycee Seibert.

Boys’ Triple Jump: 1. Jackson Crume, 3. Raul Romero.

Girls’ Discus Throw: 1. Raylee Shepherd, 3. Allie Franich.

Boys’ Discus Throw: 1. Layton Hawkins, 4. Ethan Hall, 6. Teagan Piggott.

Girls’ Shot Put: 1. Raylee Shepherd, 3. Georgia Keown, 4. Allie Franich.

Boys’ Shot Put: 3. Ethan Hall, 4. Layton Hawkins, 6. Teagan Piggott.

Girls’ Team: 1. Grayson County.

Boys’ Team: 1. Grayson County.

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