Kentucky State Police Post 4 in Elizabethtown covers eight counties. They include Hardin, Jefferson, Bullitt, Nelson, Meade, Breckinridge, LaRue, and Grayson. The West Region covers eight post areas. They are Post 1, Post 2, Post 3, Post 4, Post 5, Post 12, Post 15, and Post 16.

KSP Post 4 will continue to conduct traffic safety checkpoints through December and into 2023 looking for impaired drivers, unrestrained motorists, and other traffic violations at various locations throughout its post area.

For the month of November, Post 4 troopers and detectives wrote a total of 2,018 citations, removed 25 impaired drivers from Kentucky roadways, and cited 588 speeders. 102 violators were charged with failure to wear a seatbelt, and eight citations for failure to use a child restraint were issued.

Post 4 investigated 41 collisions, and 143 motorists were given a courtesy notice in lieu of a traffic citation for minor traffic offenses. Troopers and detectives assisted 102 motorists stranded on Kentucky roadways and answered over 560 citizens’ complaints. They were involved in 437 special details and conducted over 15 community programs that reached over 2,601 citizens of the Commonwealth.

Detectives and troopers opened over 40 criminal cases, made 315 criminal arrests, and served over 104 criminal court documents. Additionally, they conducted over 67 school and business security checks throughout the entire Post 4 area.

In total, Post 4 troopers, detectives, and command staff logged over 6,669 hours of service for the Kentucky citizens they served.

In addition to the trooper and detective monthly activity, Post 4 dispatchers logged over 1,380 data entries while still answering hundreds of calls from citizens in the area.

KSP Post 4 will be operating Road Safety Checkpoints and Speed Checkpoints throughout the eight-county Post 4 coverage area in December and into 2023.

Traffic Safety checkpoint locations in the Post 4 district may be located at


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