The Clinton Street Church of Christ and Healing Hands International co-hosted their ninth annual Leitchfield Walk4Water event in James D. Beville Community Park last Saturday.

According to coordinator Mark Claypool, more than 50 participants came together to walk in solidarity with those in underdeveloped countries who walk an average of four miles each day to collect contaminated water.

Participants and attendees also celebrated the funds raised this year to provide clean water for a third world community, as over $15,000 was raised this year to establish two clean water wells.

Claypool said it takes $7,500 to fund a single well.

One of the walkers who spoke in support of Walk4Water was Widlord Thomas, a native of Haiti, who was with a group from the Northside Church of Christ in Jeffersonville, Indiana. Thomas’s family currently benefits from a water well that was dug in Haiti by Healing Hands.

“The generosity for the walk this year has been most inspiring — especially given the presence of COVID-19,” Claypool said.

More than 150 individuals and couples contributed to the cause over the past few months, and 16 donor states were represented, from Florida to California.

Since 2012, the Leitchfield Walk4Water has raised over $117,000 to fund clean water efforts in Ethiopia, Ghana, Nigeria, India, and Haiti, and donations can still be made for this year’s walk by going online to and scrolling to Leitchfield, KY.

The Clinton Street church family would like to thank the following local businesses and churches that donated to Walk4Water 2020: Blain Distributing, The Cecilian Bank, Clarkson Community Church, Clayton Watkins Construction, Dermitt Funeral Home, Fleener’s Home Planning, Lee Farms, Netherland Business Development, Pharis Rental Properties, Potter’s Hope Ministries, Sam’s Furniture, Wilson & Muir Bank & Trust, and Worley Printing.

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