The city of Caneyville this week voted to establish a new and updated nuisance code in preparation for its code enforcement program.

During a special called meeting on Monday, the Caneyville City Commission unanimously voted to adopt an ordinance that would repeal the city’s prior nuisance code ordinances and establish a new and updated nuisance code.

The summary of the ordinance, as prepared by Caneyville City Attorney Tara Ward, states that it sets abatement procedures for violations of nuisances, including enforcement by the Caneyville Code Enforcement Officer and Code Enforcement Board.

“Unless an emergency condition exists, the city shall make reasonable attempts to secure voluntary correction or abatement of the nuisance by giving written notice to the last known address of the property owner of the property or leaving written notice posted in a conspicuous place at the premises,” the ordinance summary reads. “If a nuisance constitutes an immediate and emergent threat to the public health, safety, or welfare or to the environment, the city may summarily and without prior notice abate the condition. Notice of such abatement, including the reason for it, shall be given as soon as reasonably possible after the abatement.”

The ordinance goes on to state that, if a property owner fails to remedy a nuisance within seven days of the entry of a code enforcement board final order or by some other date so ordered, or if an emergency condition exists, the city may enter the subject property and remove or correct the nuisance. The cost of any materials and labor at the rate of $100 per hour incurred in remedying the situation will be billed to the person responsible and due within 10 days.

Additionally, the city will have a lien against the property for the labor and materials used in remedying the nuisance and bear interest at a rate of 6% per annum until paid. The lien amount will be added in with the property owner’s city taxes, and will take precedence over all subsequent liens, with the exception of state, county, school board, and city taxes. The property owner subject to the lien will also be personally liable for all amounts owed, including interest, penalties, attorney fees, and costs.

Property owners will still be liable for nuisance abatement and fees even if their tenants, guests, invitees, or other persons are those who commit the nuisance on the property.

The summary of the ordinance also states that, whenever it is brought to the city commission’s attention that a nuisance exists and the code enforcement board has determined there is an immediate threat to the public’s health, safety, and welfare, the commission may, by majority vote, suspend the license of any person conducting business upon the premises where the nuisance exists.

A full copy of Caneyville’s new nuisance code ordinance may be requested from Caneyville City Hall, which is located at 304 East Maple St.

In other business, the city commission:

  • Approved one resolution stating the city’s intent to transfer the City of Caneyville water system to the Grayson County Water District and another that allows the water district to operate the Caneyville water system beginning April 12 until the final agreement between the two systems is agreed upon and completed.
  • Accepted Leon Green’s bid of $3,500 for a surplus 1996 Ford F-350 fire truck. This was the highest of the six bids submitted for the vehicle.

Voted to pay up to $5,000 to assist with purchasing new dirt for the second Caneyville ballfield.

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