Clarkson is looking to install a pavilion in its city park this year.

During their regular meeting on Monday night, the Clarkson City Commission members were in favor of moving forward with the project to construct a city park pavilion after quotes have been obtained for the cost.

According to Clarkson City Clerk/Treasurer Scotty Gore, city officials are looking to convert a garage in the park into a pavilion with bathrooms and, potentially, a kitchenette and storage space after electrical lines have been run to the location and outlets installed.

Officials hope that, by doing so, the city can offer the facility for rentals and host more events, such as a Christmas in the Park display and/or music and food vendors, throughout the year. They also discussed hiring Pine View Nursery to plant a large tree nearby so they can have one to light at their annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony.

No official action was taken Monday, but officials hope to have the pavilion ready by this fall, Gore said.

In other business, the city commission:

  • Voted to begin closing Clarkson City Hall at 4 p.m. on Fridays instead of 5 p.m. This will become effective Friday, Jan. 21. Monday through Thursday hours will remain unchanged, and 12-12:30 p.m. will continue to be designated as the time in which city hall will be closed for lunch each day. Clarkson City Hall opens at 7:30 a.m. Monday through Friday.
  • Voted to purchase 36 sound deafening panels for the Clarkson Community Center from Acoustical Solutions at the quoted price of $5,803.97. The funding for this purchase will come out of the city’s community center account, which has been built up over the last year from rentals.
  • Voted to authorize City Attorney Tom Goff to have the old Renfro property at the city park appraised and then negotiate paying off its liens with the lien holders.
  • Was provided an update on the city’s code enforcement initiative. Currently, officials are still looking for volunteers to serve on the code enforcement board, after which time an ordinance must be passed establishing it.
  • Voted to continue to host the Clarkson Easter egg hunt. The city welcomes any group to assist with the program. A date for this year’s event has yet to be determined.
  • Voted to authorize the Clarkson Police Department to purchase a vest, radar, and printer/laptop for Clarkson Police Chief Buck Meredith’s cruiser at the estimated cost of $5,000.
  • Voted to hire Janice Butler, a Clarkson High School alumni, to fill the position recently vacated by Brenda Stinson in Clarkson City Hall. Butler will work a day or so a week at $10.50 per hour, Gore said, and will cover for him as needed.

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