Clarkson postal worker brings holiday cheer 1

Clarkson postal employee Adrian Sanders displays some of the letters to Santa the post office has received. (Note: Addresses have been digitally removed.)

Clarkson Post Office employee Adrian Sanders is looking to bring holiday cheer to her community by answering letters to Santa Claus mailed to her office.

Sanders started her career with the United States Postal Service last year at the East View Post Office, and, when a couple of kids mailed in their letters to Santa, she decided to reply to them and included stickers with her replies.

“This year, I’m working at Clarkson and thought I would like to do that again,” she said, adding that, with the pandemic limiting social gatherings and public events, some kids may not have the opportunity to see Santa in person.

She hopes that by responding to kids’ letters, it will help brighten their holiday season.

Sanders posted on Facebook that if parents who are Clarkson Post Office customers wanted to mail their children’s letters to Santa, she would write a personalized response and mail it back to them, and, since mid-November, she has received about nine of them.

She said that as long as letters continue to come in, she will respond to them, even if they are received as late as Dec. 24. Sanders usually takes a couple of days to personalize her responses and typically includes coloring sheets with them, as well.

“So far, I’ve got some pretty cool letters,” she said. “It’s been fun.”

Sanders said her favorite letter so far was one that said, “I’ve not been a very good boy but I’ve tried.”

For those who are not customers of the Clarkson Post Office, the USPS is holding companywide holiday initiatives to keep the spirit of the season alive.

First is Operation Santa, in which kids address letters to the North Pole and they go to an office, are uploaded to the USPS website, and people can adopt letters and respond to them. For more information about this program, visit

There is also the Greetings from the North Pole program in which children can write a letter addressed to “SANTA, NORTH POLE” and receive a letter in return.

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