The city of Clarkson held the first reading of its 2020 property tax ordinance Monday night.

Clarkson City Clerk Scotty Gore said that this year’s PVA assessments show Clarkson’s real estate property values have increased by $1,396,470, but tangible property values have fallen by $743,578.

In order to generate more revenue for the city, the Clarkson City Commission opted to select the proposed compensating tax rates.

According to Gore, the compensating rate for real property would be lower than last year at .0840 (8.400 cents per $100 of assessed valuation) as opposed to .0870.

The tangible rate would increase from last year’s rate of .1107 to .1218 (12.180 cents per $100 of assessed valuation).

The ordinance would also set this year’s tax rate for vehicles and watercraft at 10 cents per $100 of assessed valuation.

The second reading and vote on the 2020 Clarkson property tax ordinance will be held at the Oct. 12 meeting of the Clarkson City Commission.

In other business:

  • Clarkson is requesting that all residents make sure all of their trash is bagged when they set it out for pickup and, if possible, use black garbage bags as they are stronger, easier for the employees to handle, and less prone to birds and other animals getting into them.
  • With the Honeyfest cancelled, Clarkson City Commissioner Joyce Bell (who is a also a member of the Honeyfest Committee) asked if the city could purchase some of the multi-colored bows like the committee gets each year to put on the telephone poles in the middle of town this year to give the town some color and decorations since there will not be any Honeyfest decorations up this year. The commission voted to purchase the bows for this fall, and they are expected to be hung early next week.
  • Bell also said the Honeyfest Committee is asking people to decorate their homes and businesses, as well, for fall and in the spirit of the Honeyfest.
  • The commission approved giving Gore a raise in his hourly salary for earning his Kentucky Municipal Clerk certification a few months ago.
  • It was reported that Clarkson has now received all of its allotment of the CARES Act funding, $63,350. This funding will be used as reimbursement for personal protective equipment for the fire department, police salary, benefits, etc., as well as the salaries of the temporary workers riding on the back of the garbage truck between March 1 and Sept. 1 of this year.
  • The commission discussed possible plans for Halloween trick-or-treating and whether the city will hand out candy at city hall this year; however, the matter was tabled until the Oct. 12 meeting to see if any new guidelines come down from the Governor’s office, as well as to see what other cities and places are planning to do.

The commission continued discussions about setting up a city code enforcement board and is still looking for residents interested in serving on the board; however, no decisions were made.

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