Cottrell to rejoin Leitchfield Council in December 1

Raymond “Tooty” Cottrell, pictured here at a Leitchfield City Council meeting earlier this year, will return to the council next month following his successful bid for election.

Following this month’s General Election, the six individuals taking seats on the Leitchfield City Council in January were decided, but the top vote-getter will return to the council a little early.

Raymond “Tooty” Cottrell, a long-time city councilman who resigned earlier this year for health reasons, ran for election to the Leitchfield City Council in November and received the most votes of all 11 candidates.

Cottrell’s appointed replacement, former Leitchfield City Attorney Dennie Fentress, said after he was sworn in that he would vacate the position after the election determined who would fill the seat full time.

Then, during Monday’s regular Leitchfield City Council meeting, Mayor Rick Embry announced that Fentress had submitted his letter of resignation from the city council effective 12 p.m. on Monday, Nov. 30.

Upon Embry’s recommendation, the city council voted to return Cottrell to his seat to finish out his term beginning in December, and his next two-year term will begin in January.

“This is really going to work out,” Embry said. “It’s good to have Tooty back.”

Additionally, Embry reported to the council that Leitchfield Planning Commissioner Darrell Harrell would also be resigning from his position because his son, Tyler, has been hired by the city.

In his letter, Darrell Harrell thanked those for whom he has worked, as well as those with whom he has worked, over the past 40 years.

Embry then recommended Fentress to replace Darrell Harrell on the Leitchfield Planning Commission effective Dec. 1, and the city council voted to approve this appointment.

Embry said that Darrell Harrell has served the city well, and Tyler Harrell and Fentress will serve the city well moving forward.

According to Leitchfield City Clerk/Treasurer Lori Woosley, Tyler Harrell is currently working with Leitchfield Public Works but has begun attending trainings to become the Leitchfield Code Enforcement Officer. He will also perform maintenance work at Leitchfield Aquatic Center during the summer.

In other business, the city council:

Voted to purchase a security system for James D. Beville Community Park at a cost not exceeding the $9,907 bid from Leading Edge Networking.

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