County finalizes right of way ordinance 1

The Grayson County Fiscal Court meets on Tuesday afternoon.

The Grayson County Fiscal Court on Tuesday approved the final reading of its ordinance addressing obstructions in county right of ways.

The ordinance will require owners of any parcels of land containing property within the minimum right of way of any county road in Grayson County to not place any obstacle(s) or allow any obstacle(s) to remain within the minimum 30-foot right of way (15-foot right of way from within the centerline of the roadway) of that county road.

Additionally, after property owners have been notified by a county representative of such an obstacle, they will have 14 days to remove it or be cited for separate violations for each obstacle and for each day they are in violation of the ordinance. Upon conviction, someone in violation of the ordinance could be fined from $100 to $500 for each violation.

The ordinance defines obstacles as buildings, parked motor vehicles (running or otherwise), garbage, furniture, stacks of wood, debris, posts, “or any item or items which may exist in the county road right of way.”

At 4th District Magistrate Damon Hornback’s request, Grayson County Attorney Jeremy Logsdon brought additional attention to Section 2B of the ordinance, which states that the following are not obstacles: properly placed mailboxes, necessary utility company equipment, and county signage.

Section 2B also clarifies that fences, posts, or trees that were already in a county road right of way prior to the establishment of the ordinance do not count as obstacles either.

Logsdon said the county is not asking people to cut down trees or remove fences, and is trying to be fair with the ordinance while also ensuring that vehicles can safely travel county roadways without additional hindrance.

According to Logsdon, the county intends to enforce the ordinance, but, in order to do so, a citizen must first file a complaint with the Grayson County Attorney’s Office.

At the close of discussion, the court voted unanimously to approve and adopt the right of way ordinance.

In other business:

  • The fiscal court tabled the first reading of the county’s redrafted ordinance related to aggressive/injurious dogs for another month at Logsdon’s request.
  • Grayson County Judge Executive Kevin Henderson thanked the magistrates, county road crews, and county employees for their work during the recent winter weather, and also expressed his appreciation for the community’s patience as the road crews worked to clear ice and snow from the roadways.

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