Early, in-person voting for all eligible Kentucky voters begins next Thursday, May 12 and will continue through Saturday, May 14 for the 2022 Kentucky Primary Election.

The Centre on Main, located at 425 South Main St. in Leitchfield, will once again serve as the location for early, no-excuse-needed voting for Grayson County on May 12, 13, and 14 from 8 a.m. until 4 p.m.

After early voting, all precinct voting locations will be open on Primary Election Day (Tuesday, May 17) from 6 a.m. until 6 p.m., with the Centre on Main serving as a central location at which every Grayson County voter registered to vote in the primary may cast a ballot.

For Republicans, the Primary Election Ballot will feature the following races:

All Precincts2nd Congressional District United States Senator

Valerie “Dr. Val” Fredrick

Paul V. Hamilton

Rand Paul

John Schiess

Tami L. Stainfield

Arnold Blankenship

United States Representative in Congress — 2nd Congressional District

S. Brett Guthrie

E. Lee Watts

Brent Feher

State Representative — 18th Representative District

Samara Heavrin

Jacob Clark

County Attorney

Shan F. Embry

Jeremy Logsdon


B. Stephen Stapleton

Joe Brad Hudson

Bradley R. Dermitt

East Leitchfield, Clarkson, East “A” Leitchfield PrecinctsMagistrate — 1st Magisterial District

Kevin Fulkerson

Ben Hodges

Constable — 1st Magisterial District

Damon Lasley III

Jordan B. Powell

Caneyville, Spring Lick, Falls of Rough, Yeaman, Short Creek PrecinctsConstable — 2nd Magisterial District

James B. Logsdon Jr.

Alvin Dockery

Millwood, West “A” Leitchfield, North Leitchfield PrecinctsConstable — 3rd Magisterial District

Brian Jaggers

Marion Higgs

Big Clifty, North “A” Leitchfield, Horntown PrecinctsMagistrate — 4th Magisterial District

Damon Hornback

Jason Dennis

Rock Creek, Anneta, Millerstown, South “A” Leitchfield PrecinctsConstable — 5th Magisterial District

Matthew Logsdon

Mark H. Stanton

Southwest Leitchfield, Arlington, Shrewsbury, Ready PrecinctsMagistrate — 6th Magisterial District

Tony Pohlman

Charles Neal Saltsman

For Democrats, the Primary Election Ballot will feature the following races:

All Precincts

2nd Congressional District United States Senator

Charles Booker

Ruth Gao

John Merrill

Joshua Wesley Blanton Sr.

United States Representative in Congress — 2nd Congressional District

Hank Linderman

William Dakota Compton

Grayson County Clerk Charlotte Willis addressed the primary election procedures during Tuesday morning’s regular Grayson County Fiscal Court meeting.

Willis said that excused early voting began last Wednesday in her office and that Tuesday of this week was the final day for mail-in voting.

Currently, Grayson County has 22 election precincts, and, officials said, it costs the county around $4-5,000 to operate each of them for an election.

With some counties choosing to reduce their number of precincts as a cost-saving measure, Willis said she could foresee Grayson County following suit in future elections and potentially establishing four or five election centers throughout the county, which would be open to all county residents.

She said this decision would be the determination of the Grayson County Board of Elections.

Given Grayson County’s current number of precincts, anyone interested in being a poll worker is encouraged to contact the Grayson County Clerk’s Office at 270-259-3201. Poll workers receive $120 for the day on which they work.

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