The final number of Grayson County voters casting ballots in this year’s General Election was 12,044, Grayson County Clerk Charlotte Willis announced after press time last Friday.

Absentee ballots received by Election Day, as well as all ballots cast on Election Day and early in the Leitchfield Public Square courthouse were counted last Tuesday; however, absentee ballots postmarked by Election Day and delivered to the Grayson County Clerk’s Office by close of business on Friday, Nov. 6 were also counted.

Of the around 2,500 absentee ballots mailed to Grayson County residents, 250 had not been returned as of the evening of Election Day last Tuesday; only 15 of those 250 outstanding absentee ballots were returned by last Friday’s deadline, and they did not change any of Grayson County’s election results.

With those votes counted, Grayson County’s general election concluded as follows:

5,377 Grayson County residents voted straight Republic Party, while 864 voted straight Democratic Party, 14 voted straight Populist Party, and 49 voted straight Libertarian Party.

The Leitchfield City Council will see the most changes when the election winners begin their terms in January. With long-time councilmen Harold Miller and Kelly Stevenson not seeking re-election and current Councilman Dennie Fentress’s appointment following Raymond “Tooty” Cottrell’s health-related resignation earlier this year coming to an end, the general election left three seats up for grabs.

Receiving the most votes was Cottrell with 1,028. He will be joined on the Leitchfield City Council in January by incumbents Margie Decker, Billy Dallas, and Clayton Miller, who received 965 votes, 941 votes, and 897 votes, respectively; Carl “Moon Smith, who received 911 votes; and Jessica Embry, who received 837 votes.

Falling short of election to the Leitchfield City Council were Terri Haycraft with 773 votes, Angela Gibson with 716 votes, Joanne Deweese with 710 votes, Stacey Kinkade Whitley with 701 votes, and Charlie Elmore with 693 votes.

The Clarkson City Commission will welcome a new member to its ranks in January, as well. While incumbent commissioners Joyce Bell, Bob Vincent, and Tara Sallee all won re-election (with 176, 155, and 141 votes, respectively), Commissioner Robbie Richardson did not seek re-election. Richardson’s seat will be filled by write-in candidate Michael Anderson, who received eight votes — one more than fellow write-in candidate and former Clarkson City Commissioner Ed Schott.

Caneyville City Commissioners Mike Geary, Scott Majors, Deborah Embry, and Janice Minton all won re-election, running unopposed. Geary received the most votes with 132, followed by Majors with 130, Embry with 124, and Minton with 114.

Republican Bill Dalton defeated Democratic incumbent David Strader to become the new 4th Magisterial District Constable with 1,404 votes to Strader’s 519.

Grayson County School Board members Valeria Hayes, Alfreda Weedman, and Carolyn Thomason all won re-election, running unopposed and receiving 100% of the votes cast in their respective districts.

9,565 Grayson County residents voted for incumbent Republican state Sen. Steve Meredith, while 907 voted for Independent John Whipple and 787 voted for Libertarian Guy Miller. Meredith would go on to win re-election.

9,700 Grayson County residents voted for incumbent Republican state Rep. Samara Heavrin, while 1,528 voted for Independent Jacob Clark. Heavrin would go on to win re-election.

9,453 Grayson County residents voted for incumbent Republican President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence, while 2,400 voted for Democrat Joe Biden and running mate Kamala Harris, 85 voted for Libertarian Jo Jorgenson and running mate Jeremy “Spike” Cohen, 33 voted for Independent Kanye West and running mate Michelle Tidball, 12 voted for Independent Brock Pierce and running mate Karla Ballard, one voted for write-in candidate Howie Hawkins and running mate Angela Walker, and one voted for write-in candidate Gloria La Riva and running mate Sunil Freeman. At press time, Biden and Harris were leading in the popular vote and appeared to have secured enough electoral votes to win the presidency though some states continue to count ballots and at least one state (Georgia) will conduct a recount.

8,571 Grayson County residents voted for incumbent Republican U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell, while 2,633 voted for Democrat Amy McGrath, 758 voted for Libertarian Brad Barron, and one voted for write-in candidate Daniel Cobble. McConnell would go on to win re-election.

9,620 Grayson County residents voted for incumbent Republican U.S. Rep. Brett Guthrie, while 1,915 voted for Democrat Hank Linderman, 221 voted for Independent Robert Lee Perry, and 79 voted for Populist Lewis Carter. Guthrie would go on to win re-election.

5,484 Grayson County residents voted in favor of Constitutional Amendment 1, known as Marsy’s Law, which establishes certain rights for crime victims, while 4,097 voted against it. This amendment passed statewide with 1,156,653 Yes votes and 668,718 No votes.

Lastly, 6,352 Grayson County residents voted against Constitutional Amendment 2, while 3,424 voted in favor of it. This amendment, which also failed in the statewide vote, would have increased the term of commonwealth’s attorneys from six to eight years beginning in 2030 and the term of district court judges from four to eight years beginning in 2022, as well as require district judges to have at least eight years of legal experience rather than two.

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