The Grayson County Health Department announced Tuesday that it expects to receive 100 doses of coronavirus vaccine per week for the next three weeks.

Specifically, the health department was notified it will receive 100 doses for each of the weeks of Feb. 8, Feb. 15, and Feb. 22.

Grayson County Public Health Director Josh Embry said that, as vaccines are delivered, the health department will continue to work its way down the Phase 1B waitlist (including individuals aged 70 and above) to schedule appointments. As of Thursday, this waitlist had 1,700 county residents’ names on it.

“There is no need to contact the health department,” Embry said. “We will call to schedule appointments.”

Phase 1B also includes staff members of both public and private schools, and, as of Monday, Embry said, all Grayson County school staff members who requested the vaccine have been vaccinated.

As of Thursday, a total of 1,459 Grayson County residents had received the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, and 548 have received the second dose. This comprises about 5.5% of the county’s population, officials said.

The health department’s update comes on the heels of Owensboro Health Twin Lakes Medical Center’s (OHTLMC) announcement Tuesday that it has now administered over 800 doses of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine since December.

OHTLMC’s totals include 482 first doses and more than 333 second doses, with more vaccinations scheduled throughout the week.

“Throughout the pandemic, OHTLMC has stood strong for Grayson County, providing resources and treatments to help our community stay healthy,” said Chief Operating Officer Ashley Herrington. “Vaccines are our greatest opportunity to reduce the spread of this virus, so every dose increases hope for a brighter future.”

The hospital began administering vaccines after receiving its initial shipment on Dec. 23. So far, OHTLMC’s vaccines have been given to healthcare workers, first responders, and individuals 70 and over — mirroring the tiered structure provided by the Kentucky Department for Public Health.

According to Owensboro Health Director of Marketing Brian Hamby, OHTLMC is working in tandem with the Grayson County Health Department to vaccinate those Grayson County residents aged 70 and older who have requested to be placed on the health department’s vaccination waitlist.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has been an extremely challenging journey for everyone in our community, but because of the vaccines, we have a renewed sense of hope and optimism,” said Director of Quality Brittany Clemons. “It is very rewarding to be part of OHTLMC’s COVID-19 vaccination team, because each immunization gets us one step closer to defeating the pandemic and regaining some normalcy.”

The Moderna vaccine requires two doses — administered about 28 days apart — to achieve an immunity of nearly 95%, studies show. Administering multiple doses is a complex operation that requires teamwork across many hospital departments, Herrington said.

“Our team has worked diligently to provide the community with a safe, well-run vaccination clinic,” said Herrington. “Leaders and team members from many different departments have worked together for the benefit of our patients, and I hope the community is proud of what they have accomplished.”

As of Thursday, Grayson County’s total number of COVID-19 cases had risen to 1,807 since the start of the pandemic, with 134 residents isolated with active cases and 1,624 having recovered. 49 Grayson County residents have died from COVID-19 as of Thursday.

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