In light of the Kentucky General Assembly’s recent passage of a bill allowing students in the state to, essentially, redo the past school year, officials with Grayson County Schools held informational sessions Thursday night on what would be expected of students wishing to take advantage of this opportunity.

Senate Bill 128, which was signed into law this spring, created the Supplemental School Year Program (SSYP), which allows students currently in grades kindergarten through 12 to use the 2021-2022 school year as a supplemental school year.

According to Grayson County Schools (GCS), the “intent of the bill is for students to re-take or supplement courses previously taken during the 2020-2021 school year, not to simply gain an additional year to explore new coursework.”

Seniors during the 2020-2021 school year will not be able to improve their GPA or class-standing by taking part in the SSYP. They must audit either the classes in which they were previously enrolled or a supplemental course.

While the grades seniors earn in these classes will not change their status, they will be reported on students’ transcripts, so students will be responsible for all coursework.

Students in 11th grade or below in the current school year cannot earn credit for the same Kentucky Academic Standards (state required credits) more than once, and the grade these students participating in the program receive during their second time taking a course will be their final grade, even if their previous grade was higher.

Elementary and middle school students taking part in the SSYP will repeat the grade with a different teacher or team.

Students participating in the program will also be expected to take any grade level assessments that are required by the state, such as K-PREP, the ACT, and/or ACCESS.

In regards to athletic eligibility for students taking part in the SSYP, GCS said that all KHSAA rules will apply, and any students, no matter what grade level, using the SSYP year will not be able to play a sport during their senior year if they are 19 years old on Aug. 1.

“The district cautions families on using the Supplemental School Year Program for extended athletic participation,” a GCS fact sheet reads.

Students have until May 1 to submit a request to take part in the SSYP to the Grayson County Board of Education. The form is available at, or a paper copy may be obtained from a child’s school.

After the application deadline has passed, the Grayson County School Board will have until June 1 to decide whether to accept all submitted requests for the supplemental year or none of them.

“The bill does not provide for individual case decisions,” according to GCS.

If the board approves the requests, after the school year starts, students will be committed to completing the entire supplemental year; they will not be able to change their mind once school is in session, according to GCS Superintendent Doug Robinson.

However, should a student wish to withdraw from the program prior to the start of the school year, Robinson said, there is a possibility that the school board may be able to approve such a request.

Additionally, Robinson said that students will be permitted to apply for a supplemental year only in the school district in which they are enrolled on May 1.

Robinson encouraged parents to have an open conversation with their children about what the SSYP entails and ensure they are aware that some of their friends will move on and some will stay behind if the program proceeds in Grayson County Schools.

“I don’t think there will be a lot of people to take advantage of it, but there could be,” said Robinson during Thursday’s session.

For more information, visit, call the Grayson County Board of Education central office at 270-259-4011, or contact one of the schools.

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