Feb. 22-March 1

Gregory S. Burden, 36, Morgantown, Kentucky. Driving on DUI suspended license, first offense.

Mendy Burden, 41, Leitchfield. Weekender.

Kanisha A. Cockriel, 32, Big Clifty. Failure to appear — $250 bond.

Daniel L. Conrad, 39, Leitchfield. Failure of non-owner operator to maintain required insurance/security, first offense; operating on suspended or revoked operator’s license; reckless driving; fleeing or evading police, first degree (motor vehicle).

Chad T. Dales, 33, Leitchfield. Non-payment of fines.

Jason D. Enfinger, 47, Caneyville. Menacing; assault, fourth degree (domestic violence) no visible injury; terroristic threatening, third degree; cruelty to animals, second degree; intimidating a participant in the legal process.

Michael N. Foreman, 44, Leitchfield. Criminal trespassing, third degree; disorderly conduct, first degree; terroristic threatening, third degree.

Christopher P. Fritsch, 27, Leitchfield. Operating vehicle with expired operator’s license; operating motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol .08, first; possession of open alcoholic beverage container in motor vehicle prohibited; reckless driving.

Thomas Grimes, Jr., 51, Clarkson. Possession of controlled substance, first degree, first offense (methamphetamine).

Dakota Higdon, 22, Leitchfield. Drug paraphernalia — buy/possess.

Jeffery A. Kinser, 55, Leitchfield. Failure to appear — $4,300 bond.

Bobbi S. Legawiec, 38, Caneyville. Failure to appear — $250 bond; failure to appear.

Jann R. Logsdon, 51, Leitchfield. Operating motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol/drugs/etc. .08 (aggravating circumstances), second.

Lucas Majors, 34, Elizabethtown, Kentucky. Operating motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol/drugs/etc. .08, second offense.

Leslie T. Neighbors, 30, Leitchfield. Failure to appear; failure to appear.

Joshua Newton, 37, Millwood. Burglary, first degree — $5,000 bond; strangulation, first degree; assault, fourth degree (minor injury); intimidating a participant in the legal process; unlawful imprisonment, first degree.

Jeffery D. Peters, 47, Leitchfield. Failure to appear.

Sheila Quinn, 65, Leitchfield. Failure to appear — $300 bond.

Joshua C. Raymer, 40, Caneyville. Terroristic threatening, third degree; alcohol intoxication in a public place (first and second offense); assault, second degree — domestic violence; criminal mischief, third degree; disorderly conduct, second degree.

Stephen M. Rishkofski, 45, Leitchfield. Fugitive from another state — warrant required.

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