At the request of former Leitchfield City Councilman Dennie Fentress, the Grayson County Fiscal Court this week voted to revive the county’s cemetery board.

The decision followed Fentress’s address to the Leitchfield City Council on Monday night, in which he requested the council’s support to begin efforts to improve a number of local cemeteries.

Fentress said he was approached by state Sen. Steve Meredith about working to improve some cemeteries in poor condition, the first of which being Woodson Cemetery.

Fentress said he has been unable to determine who owns the cemetery, and, given that the city of Leitchfield has provided maintenance for it for over a decade, he requested permission in the form of a resolution from the city to clean Woodson Cemetery.

Fentress’s initiative has already garnered the support of the Grayson County Historical Society, and he hopes that, with the historical society’s support, organizers of the project may hold a non-profit fundraiser to help finance the effort.

At the conclusion of Fentress’s presentation, the city came to a consensus that Leitchfield City Attorney Earlene Wilson should draft a resolution supporting Fentress’s project. The resolution will be presented to the city council for review and approval at a future meeting.

The next day, during the Grayson County Fiscal Court’s Tuesday morning meeting, Grayson County Attorney Jeremy Logsdon said he had been approached by Fentress about appointing members to the Grayson County Cemetery Board, which, by ordinance, already existed but had no members on it.

The cemetery board is charged with maintaining county cemeteries, and, Logsdon said, Fentress asked for members to be appointed to it so the board can apply for state aid to improve local cemeteries.

Grayson County Judge Executive Kevin Henderson recommended Fentress, Kelly Stevenson, Tommy Brown, Elois Downs, and Dennis Kiper be appointed to the cemetery board for the next four years, and the fiscal court afterward voted to appoint these individuals to the board.

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