Holeman earns Master Coroner certification 1

Grayson County Deputy Coroner Larry Holeman, right, is pictured receiving his Master Coroner certification from Forrest Hicks, president of the Kentucky Coroner’s Association.

Grayson County Coroner Joe Brad Hudson announced this week that he has had his first deputy coroner receive the highest professional development symbol in the Kentucky Coroner’s Association.

Grayson County Deputy Coroner Larry Holeman was recognized on April 22 at the annual Kentucky Coroner’s Conference in Louisville, Kentucky for attaining the level of Master Coroner.

Holeman started transporting bodies to the Louisville Medical Examiner in 2003 for then-Coroner Ronald Hudson. After Ronald Hudson’s death in 2006, Joe Brad Hudson was appointed Coroner to finish his father’s term and he hired Holeman in 2007 as a deputy coroner.

Holeman completed his basic training in 2007 and went on to receive his Advanced Coroner certificate in 2013. He received his Master Coroner Certificate on April 22.

“He is the first deputy in coroner history to accomplish this outstanding achievement,” said Joe Brad Hudson.

Ronald Hudson, who served as Grayson County Coroner from 1977 to 2006, received his Advanced Coroner and Master Coroner achievement in 1997, and his son and current Coroner Joe Brad Hudson received his Advanced Coroner certificate in 2012 and his Master Coroner certificate in 2013.

“Grayson County should be very proud to have two Master Coroners employed by the Grayson County Coroner’s office,” said Joe Brad Hudson.

In order to achieve the level of Master Coroner, one must have a typed or printed list of at least 300 postmortem examinations that the participant has assisted in performing; have a statement from the coroner that the participant has completed 12 years of service; have a statement from the Executive Secretary of the Kentucky State Coroner’s Association that the participant has been a member of the association for at least eight years; and attend two Coroner’s Conferences for credit in 12 years.

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