L&L Sales brings Skeeterlog to Grayson County 1

Skeeterlog is delivered by helicopter to L&L Sales at the Grayson County airport.

Skeeterlog recently landed at the Grayson County airport to deliver its product to L&L Sales, of Clarkson.

Andrew Mason, from Tree Of The Field, and Officer Don from Skywatch Traffic 98.1 “The Bull,” hand delivered the first cases of Skeeterlog to Grayson County, by helicopter delivery to Barbara Johnson, of L&L Sales.

Skeeterlog is a natural, smoke-dispersed mosquito repellent made in Knox County, Kentucky.

Johnson developed the vision for providing the product for Grayson County residents and visitors. She recognized that “where there are people and water, there are hungry mosquitos.”

She is also familiar with the research done at the University of Kentucky’s Entomology lab, proving the efficacy of Skeeterlog, and though the product is available in many parts of Kentucky and on Amazon, Wayfair, and Walmart.com along with other e-commerce venues, it was not available locally to Grayson County.

Johnson reached out to Tree Of The Field and shared that Grayson County is known for the Twin Lakes, Rough River Lake and Nolin Lake. She told the company that Grayson County is a beautiful area in which residents and visitors enjoy healthy, active outdoor recreation and pointed out that the natural resource of fresh water access is one of the things that brings visitors who enjoy the natural beauty of the environment. She also wanted to be the first retailer to bring Skeeterlog to her area.

L&L Sales is located at 102 Peonia Rd. in Clarkson.

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