Leitchfield buys sculpture for Veterans Memorial 1

Pictured is the soldier statue “Standing Watch” by The Large Art Company, one of which the city of Leitchfield recently ordered to have placed in American Legion Post 81 Veterans Memorial Park.

The city of Leitchfield voted this week to order a life-size bronze sculpture of a soldier to be placed in American Legion Post 81 Veterans Memorial Park.

Leitchfield Mayor Rick Embry, during Monday’s meeting of the Leitchfield City Council, requested to move $7,500 from the Fiscal Year 2020-2021 special events expense — which includes funding for the Twin Lakes National Fiddler Championship — from the General Administration fund to the James D. Beville Community Park fund for the purchase of the sculpture.

With last year’s Twin Lakes National Fiddler Championship cancelled, the funding set aside by the city to help fund the event ($15,000) went unused, and Embry requested to use a portion of it to add to the veterans memorial park.

The sculpture, entitled “Standing Watch,” will cost a total of $15,000, and the Leitchfield Tourism Commission agreed to pay for half of that amount.

Per Embry’s request, the city council voted to allow $7,500 to be used to purchase the sculpture, with the tourism commission footing the remaining $7,500 of the bill.

The sculpture is being purchased from The Large Art Company out of Baltimore, Maryland, and, according to Leitchfield Tourism Director Ilsa Johnson, it will be ordered in mid-February, shipped out in March, and delivered in mid-April.

Additionally, Embry said that, in the future, he would like for the city to purchase commemorative sculptures for the Leitchfield Police Department and Leitchfield Fire Department, as well.

In other business:

  • Embry paid tribute to Patsy Lindsey, a member of the Leitchfield Tourism Commission who recently died. On his recommendation, the city council voted to appoint Kelly Stevenson to fill the remainder of Lindsey’s term on the Leitchfield Tourism Commission through June 30, 2021.
  • The city council voted to reappoint Raye Montgomery as Leitchfield’s representative on the Grayson County Tourism Commission. Montgomery’s new term will run from Feb. 1, 2021 through Jan. 31, 2024.
  • The city council voted to reappoint Keith Jones to the Leitchfield Utilities Commission. Jones’ new term will run from March 1, 2021 through Feb. 28, 2025.
  • The first reading of an ordinance to close Electric Avenue was held.
  • The city council entered into executive session, and, upon returning to regular session, Leitchfield City Attorney Earlene Wilson said the council had discussed moving to the new city hall and what will be done with the current city hall. The council discussed possibly selling or leasing it in the hope that it will not be vacant for long after the city’s move.
  • Embry said the city anticipates moving into the new city hall and police department in early March.
  • Leitchfield City Councilmember Jessica Embry suggested upgrading the city’s websites to be more user friendly, and her fellow councilmembers agreed that the city should pursue this.

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