Grayson County reported a “staggering increase” in local COVID-19 cases this week, officials announced Wednesday.

In an update on the virus, Grayson County Public Health Director Joshua Horton said Grayson County is currently experiencing a high level of COVID-19 transmission.

“We are seeing an increase in data relating to the virus; this includes total active cases and deaths,” Horton said. “Grayson County Health Department continues to work with community partners to help address the increase in spread.”

With that in mind, Horton said, the health department is currently recommending that gatherings be avoided, and community members continue to practice social distancing, hand washing, and masking when necessary.

“We recommend this for the vaccinated; we strongly recommend it for unvaccinated individuals,” said Horton. “We continue to advocate for vaccination as it is our main tool against COVID-19 at this time.”

As of Wednesday, 256 people were isolated due to COVID-19, an increase of 104 from Monday, and five patients were hospitalized due to the virus.

Also, as of Wednesday, there have been 109 deaths in Grayson County verified to have been the result of COVID-19, and, to date, the county has reported 5,772 cases of COVID-19, with 5,407 patients’ having recovered from the virus.

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