The Kentucky Department of Education has released the 2020-21 version of academic accountability results. The previous K-PREP tests were shortened due to the COVID-19 pandemic, virtual courses, and hybrid scheduling of the past school year, making the current data not comparable to previous releases. The entire accountability system will undergo a revamp for 2021-22.

Even with the challenges faced by students and educators alike, there were positives across the district, as well as opportunities for growth.

Achievement percentages showed several bright spots across the board, particularly at the elementary level. The percentage of students attaining Proficient and Distinguished status exceeded state averages in reading, math, science and writing. The social studies test was a pilot, and there is no data for that subject.

The middle school was within fractions of state averages in both science and writing.

The high school equaled the state in reading and surpassed the state in writing by nearly 20 points. In addition, 42% met ACT benchmark in reading, and 25% in math.

Graduation rates, measured as 4-year, 5-year, and 4/5 combined, also bested the state averages, with the GCHS surpassing its state goal for the second year in a row. The school’s graduation rate for 2021 was 92.3 compared to the state’s 91.15.

While not evaluated this year, transition readiness is still an important measure at the high school level. This is reflected in the percentage of graduates who demonstrate academic or career readiness through AP and/or dual credit coursework, industry certifications, work experience, and other criteria.

“We continue to work toward increasing the opportunities for students to learn about careers in a hands-on way through our work-based learning program, mentoring at the middle school, CTE training, and certifications,” said Supt. Doug Robinson. “We remain optimistic with the degree of enthusiasm local businesses have shown in hosting our students.”

“Even through the very real challenges of the past year, our students continue to make progress,” he said. “There are also real opportunities for improvement and growth, as we work to prepare every student to successfully transition from high school to the real world, ready for life and equipped with tangible and intangible skills for success in whatever path they choose.

“Our teachers and staff work tirelessly to keep us heading in the right direction. Our community provides open communication, feedback, and tremendous support to help us create more opportunities and the kind of win-wins that will benefit our students, our workforce, and all of Grayson County.”

Parents will soon receive their child/children’s individual test results. In the meantime, complete district and school results can be viewed at

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