Ribbon cutting set for new city hall 1

The Leitchfield City Council holds what was likely its last meeting in the current Leitchfield city hall on Monday evening.

Leitchfield Mayor Rick Embry announced this week that a ribbon cutting for the new Leitchfield city hall and police department will be held on Monday, April 19.

Embry made the announcement during Monday’s regular Leitchfield City Council meeting and said the ribbon cutting will be held at 4 p.m. on April 19 to allow the public to tour the facility, located at 515 South Main St., for two hours prior to that night’s city council meeting, which is expected to be the first held in the new facility.

Leitchfield Police Chief David Riley also announced that the Leitchfield Police Department (LPD) is now in full operation at the new location as of Monday.

Riley asked the public to be patient with the department while it adjusts to the move and expressed his appreciation for the new facility.

“We’re very fortunate to have that,” Riley said.

As for the previous Leitchfield Police Department facility, located at 117 South Main St., Embry said Monday that the city, some months ago, agreed to sell it to the county for $250,000. (This deal has not been finalized, and calls to Grayson County Judge Executive Kevin Henderson for comment on this matter had not been returned at press time.)

Embry requested Monday night that, when the sale of the former Leitchfield Police Department is finalized, that revenue from its sale be used to pay off the remaining debt on the city’s property located at South Radford Way and William Thomason Byway. This debt is a little over $127,000, according to Leitchfield City Clerk Lori Woosley.

Embry also requested to use a portion of the remaining $123,000 balance to install sewer and gas at the 17-acre property, which is currently for sale.

Embry’s requests were then approved by the city council.

In other business, the city council:

  • Was informed of a request that the city legalize the operation of “side-by-sides” on certain city streets. No official action was taken on this matter Monday, but city councilmembers Billy Dallas and Jessica Embry agreed to work with the LPD to draft a potential ordinance that would be “as strict or stricter” than the city’s golf cart ordinance, including potentially limiting the hours in which they can be operated on city streets.
  • Approved the second and final reading of an ordinance amended to require future industry in the city to have their fire suppression water lines metered.
  • Approved the second and final readings of ordinances rezoning 206 Marion St. from an R-1 (single family low density) to a C-1 (highway commercial) and 116 West Lake Dr. from an R-2 (single family medium density) to a C-1 (highway commercial).
  • Heard from City Attorney Earlene Wilson that there have been a number of complaints of owned dogs running at large on other people’s property within the city. Wilson reminded the public that Leitchfield does have a leash law, and those found in violation of the law will receive a letter. Those who do not abide by the letter can face prosecution.

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