Last Friday, Warren RECC and NCTC, a Tennessee-based telecommunications cooperative, announced the installation of high-speed internet in the first homes in Grayson County.

In 2019, the companies began a pilot to bring high-speed internet to 800 members in southeast Warren County. Thanks to a strong working relationship and collaboration on several funding initiatives, the companies have expanded their partnership. Overall, the companies’ coverage area will pass approximately 26,900 members across the Warren RECC territory, including approximately 8,650 members in Grayson County.

In April, the Grayson County Healthcare Foundation contributed to the project, noting that increasing broadband internet access plays a vital role in expanding the feasibility of physicians’ using telehealth to treat their patients, making use of remote medical monitoring, and providing physicians access to cutting-edge healthcare education and medical research.

“We are truly excited to be able to share this milestone. Providing high-speed internet in rural areas has been and continues to be an important issue nationwide. Fortunately, we have been able to develop a successful model with NCTC, and we’re delighted to begin expanding our service to our members in Grayson County,” said Dewayne McDonald, President and CEO of Warren RECC. “Part of our mission is to improve the quality of life for our members. This expansion represents a giant leap in progress, and we’re excited about the momentum.”

“With 70 years’ experience in the telecommunications industry, NCTC has always been dedicated to delivering the most advanced technology available to the most rural areas. Partnering with Warren RECC is the best way for us to help other areas who do not have the same access”, said NCTC President and CEO Johnny McClanahan. “In a time where high speed internet is a lifeline, we are thrilled to be part of this expansion. We hope to provide long overdue high speed internet service to these areas and continue to expand as we move forward.”

Warren RECC and NCTC have developed a buildout plan for Grayson County that will progress through the end of 2022. For this and more information on the construction and installation process, visit

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