In response to the recent announcement that local company Xtreme Fabrication will soon expand, the Leitchfield City Council this week voted to provide further financial inducements to the company for employees hired as a result of the expansion.

In a press release from Gov. Andy Beshear, it was announced last week that Xtreme Fabrication will add 25 new, high-paying jobs through the expansion of its existing Leitchfield facility in the coming years.

Then, during the Leitchfield City Council’s regular meeting Monday night, the first reading of an amended ordinance granting Xtreme Fabrication financial inducements to promote employment was held.

The ordinance was amended to state that, for a period of 60 months after Dec. 28, 2018, the city of Leitchfield will pay $1,000 to Xtreme Fabrication for each of its next 50 full-time, permanent employees who work for the company for at least 90 days.

This was amended from the original ordinance enacted on Dec. 28, 2018 that provided this inducement for the first 26 full-time, permanent employees hired. The amendment accounts for the new employees who will be hired as a result of the company’s expansion.

The ordinance goes on to state that the city expects to recoup this inducement from proceeds from the net profits license, as well as payroll license fees.

Leitchfield Mayor Rick Embry said the expansion and inducement are a win-win for the city of Leitchfield.

“I want to say how much I appreciate Xtreme Fabrication and their expansion,” he said.

The second and final reading of this ordinance is expected to be held at the next Leitchfield City Council meeting.

In other business:

  • Embry said that, while the city is not sponsoring a Halloween event this year, if families wish to hand out candy, that is their business. He also recommended that trick-or-treaters begin at around 4 o’clock as night has begun to fall earlier.
  • Embry said that the city is tentatively looking to move into the new city hall/police department on South Main Street in late November or early December.

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