Could the United States face another COVID surge this winter? That’s a question on a lot of people’s minds right now as we plunge into the colder season. Sadly, the likelihood of seeing another COVID surge is increasing daily. Here are some things I am taking into consideration when making this claim.

Europe is seeing a drastic surge in COVID-19 cases. This virus has proven several times that what happens in Europe will eventually happen here at home.

As stated last year, as we go into colder months more people gather in-doors.

The holidays are upon us, and people will gather to see their loved ones. This means more travel to and out of the county.

The county has stalled at a 51% vaccination rate with younger residents being the highest unvaccinated population in the county.

What this means for Grayson County is a story that we are painfully familiar with: more COVID-19 cases, more hospitalizations—both of which lead to more COVID related deaths. However, unlike last year, cases peaked at a higher level which is even more alarming for hospitals that, if faced with another surge, could see extreme levels like those experienced in August and September from the Delta variant.

It’s an unpopular topic to talk about today. However, it’s still a relevant threat. COVID-19 is not going away anytime soon. However, we can manage it by taking the necessary steps to protect ourselves as well as those around us. The health department continues to offer vaccination clinics every Thursday. Medical providers and pharmacies in the area offer vaccination options, too.

The holidays should be a time of cheer and celebration. The health department’s message this holiday season is to gather as planned—but do so as safely as possible. Along with vaccination, please get tested if you have any reason to believe that you may have COVID-19. If you are sick, stay at home.

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