Change is all around us—from the ongoing changes with the pandemic to governmental changes. At times, change is celebrated. However, when change comes quickly, it can seem that life as we know it is upside down. Over the last few weeks, I have felt the fatigue that comes from a massive amount of change with a speed that doesn’t allow individuals to process what’s going on around us.

In a sea of change that all of us are wading through, one thing remains consistent — and that is the change of seasons. One of the things I battle with the most when summer fades to fall and winter is the time change. It’s dark when we go to work — and it’s dark when we get off work. It can seem depressing. However, with each passing day the situation reverses itself.

The past few days I’ve noticed that it’s getting dark a little later each day. Believe it or not, winter will fade to spring as it has faithfully done so for millions of years. The flowers will burst forth —and we will once again feel the warmth of sunshine.

The chill of winter has been accompanied with uncertain change — and an ongoing pandemic that never seems to end. If we focus on the waves of negativity that’s shaking the ground around us, we can become hopeless and overwhelmed. However, if we shift our mindset, and instead focus on those extra minutes of daylight that are being given to us (more and more each day) — our perspective can be changed for the better. Indeed, there are many reasons for us to be negative during this time. However, there is a growing list of reasons for us to be hopeful.

I’d encourage all of us to focus on that list of positive things. Furthermore, don’t view winter as a permanent situation as it’s temporary and will surely bow gracefully when spring arrives. We should never trade our happiness for a season of clouds.

In all things, give thanks to God—and keep moving forward as each day brings more reasons to be grateful.

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