Faith in democracy reassured by Heavrin’s election

To the Editor:

I thoroughly enjoyed reading state Representative Samara Heavrin’s recent column humbly thanking the voters for re-electing her on November 3 and her eloquent tribute to our nation’s military veterans. I don’t live in Grayson County, but if I did I would have proudly cast a vote for this insightful young woman who is wise beyond her years. Imagine, in such an overwhelmingly Republican district, to have a representative who — though a Republican herself — talks of shared beliefs and shared goals for our Commonwealth with both sides of the wide-wide political universe working together for “the greater good.” How many people elected to public office in today’s hyper-partisan world say (and mean) things as daring as “a left wing and a right wing are equally important in flight?”

Imagine, then, my acute disappointment to read the adjacent column by Mark Heinz who, while admitting he voted for Rep. Heavrin, seems to now have “buyers’ [voters’] remorse.” After he voted for her, Mr. Heinz was shocked, SHOCKED to discover that Rep. Heavrin, a conservative Republican representing a conservative Republican district, was endorsed for re-election by pro-life and pro-Second Amendment organizations. Incredibly, he also castigated Ms. Heavrin for holding a “Politics and Pancakes” monthly breakfast for “young Republicans to hear from their elected officials,” an otherwise civic-minded event Mr. Heinz characterized — apparently seriously — as “extremely partisan and exclusive.” I don’t know how “young” Mr. Heinz is or what his political party affiliation is, but I suspect if he were to “crash” the next pancake breakfast, Ms. Heavrin would be delighted to see him there.

People like Mr. Heinz think elected representatives are close-minded when they are pro-life or pro-gun rights when in fact they are reflecting the majority views of their constituents. Isn’t it refreshing for a change to have a representative like Samara Heavrin who doesn’t say one thing back home and then vote the opposite way after they’re elected? Where Mr. Heinz finds disappointment in Rep. Heavrin, I am, conversely, inspired and my faith in democracy reassured that voters see fit to elect someone of Samara Heavrin’s enlightened principles and ideals to represent their aspirations so conscientiously in the Kentucky General Assembly. May she continue to do so, with the voters’ assent, for many years to come.

Bob Heleringer

Louisville, KY

Bob Heleringer is an attorney in Louisville and a former state Representative, 33rd District, 1980-2002.

Bob Heleringer is an attorney in Louisville and a former state Representative, 33rd District, 1980-2002.

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