It’s that time of year again! It is flu season, meaning it’s time to get your flu shot. This flu season is more complicated due to the COVID-19 pandemic as many people might confuse the two viruses with one another given they share similar symptoms. Now more than ever it’s essential that we get vaccinated to help fight the flu.

According to the CDC, “an annual seasonal flu vaccine is the best way to help protect against flu. Vaccination has been shown to have many benefits including reducing the risk of flu illnesses, hospitalizations and even the risk of flu-related death in children.”

There are many popular beliefs regarding the flu vaccine that are simply untrue. Unlike what some people will tell you, the flu vaccine doesn’t contain the actual flu in a living form. There are some complications that can occur when receiving a flu vaccine—just like there are with any other vaccine. However, these complications impact a very small portion of the population. The majority of people who receive a flu vaccine report little to no symptoms whatsoever.

There are factors to consider before getting the flu vaccine, though. There are some people based on age and other health risks who should not receive the vaccine. Visit: for more information.

As earlier stated, the flu displays symptoms very similar to COVID-19. For information about the similarities and differences between the two viruses, visit



To schedule your flu shot, call us at the health department at 270-259-3141. You can also see your medical provider for more information.

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