If you recently had a new addition to your family, or are expecting, the Grayson County Health Department has resources available to assist. Raising a child can be expensive; to be honest, it can also be intimidating. We offer programs that can make parenting a little more manageable. Let us help you!

The following programs/services are offered here in the county by the local health department.

WIC — offering access to nutritional food.

HANDS — parenting skills and one-on-one assistance.

Car Seat Training — assessment to ensure car seats are installed safely. This program also offers free car seats and booster seats.

Vaccinations — the health department’s clinic offers routine vaccinations.

Breastfeeding Support — group support and assistance with needed skills for both mom and baby.

Not all the programs at the health department are income-based. To see if you qualify, simply give us a call at 270-259-3141. We would love to discuss all our services with you. As it relates to my own upbringing, I am proud to say that my parents relied heavily on our local health department. In return, I had access to needed care through programs and services—and a lot of those programs and services were at little to no cost to my parents.

There is no shame in tapping into these available resources, as they are provided to help improve the public health needs of our local community which is a win-win situation for every Grayson County resident.

Well wishes, and we hope to see you soon at GCHD!

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