The COVID-19 vaccines were released in December 2020. In the beginning, the supply was extremely limited. However, over the last couple of weeks, vaccine production seems to have strengthened. Along with production, the logistics of moving vaccines from manufacturers to vaccination sites have improved, too.

Kentucky now has vaccination sites across the state. In Grayson County, the local health department, one of the first places to give the vaccine, continues to vaccinate Grayson County residents. Furthermore, the health department continues to meet those second-dose obligations. Owensboro Health Twin Lakes has been vaccinating as well — and has worked closely with the health department to contact those waiting patiently on our 1B waitlist and schedule appointments.

Recently, Walmart and Walgreens have been brought online to give vaccines. This has opened vaccine availability even more — offering more options to Grayson County residents who wish to be vaccinated against COVID-19. All these organizations are partnering together to help meet vaccine demand in Grayson County. However, these are not the only organizations that wish to help. Several other organizations in the county, including locally-owned pharmacies, are waiting patiently—and are more than willing to give the vaccine when it has been made available to them.

If production continues to be strong, I am confident that vaccine availability will continue to improve across the nation, state, and county. Even though the vaccine remains limited at this time, now is the time to decide on whether you will take the vaccine when it has been made available to you. If you have questions, talk with your doctor about why you are having reservations about taking the vaccine. You can also research the CDC’s website for vaccine information as well as answers to commonly asked questions.

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