Week 11 of the 2022 regular session was unique in that the General Assembly gaveled in for a historical day of session at the Old State Capitol. The Old Kentucky State Capitol was the third statehouse, built in 1830 following devastating fires in the previous two. It was designed by native architect Gideon Shryock in the classical Greek Revival style, modeled after the Temple of Minerva and used until 1910 when the current Capitol was built. It is a beautiful building, steeped in history and rich with artifacts of days gone by.

Used during the Civil War, it was restored in the style of that era and replenished with historical relics of that time. Upon renovation in 1920, when the Kentucky Historical Society moved into the building, the Senate chamber was furnished with 1830s replica desks and chairs after discovering descriptions in the 1830 Senate Journal. Original to the building are the enormous iron 1840s era chandeliers and the hand-blown stained glass window panes. Walking in through the massive doors and into the marble rotunda is truly awe-inspiring; it’s astounding to believe that the commonwealth is home to such a beautiful structure.

Sen. Stephen Meredith (R-Leitchfield) represents the 5th Senate District, which includes Breckinridge, Butler, Grayson, Ohio and Meade counties. He serves as chair of the Budget Review Subcommittee on Human Resources and vice-chair of the Senate Standing Committees on Health and Welfare and Veterans, Military Affairs, and Public Protection. Meredith also serves as co-chair of the Government Contract Review Committee and Medicaid Oversight and Advisory Committee. Finally, he is a member of the Senate Standing Committees on Education and Appropriations and Revenue.

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