The Bluegrass Fast Draw Club held its first competition of the new year on Jan. 25 at the club’s home range, located at 117 Madison St. in Beaver Dam, Kentucky.

The results are:

Women’s Division:

1st place: LadyBug AKA Gabriella Casteel from Horse Branch, Kentucky

2nd place: Ms. Cisco AKA Paula Sissel from Shephardsville, Kentucky

3rd place: WildFire AKA Pamela Maiden from McHenry, Kentucky

4th place: Rose AKA Hailee Brown from Beaver Dam, Kentucky (Not pictured)

Men’s Division:

1st place: Bobtown Red AKA Robin Russell from Russellville, Kentucky

2nd place: Shane AKA James Casteel from Horse Branch, Kentucky

3rd place: Kid Cisco AKA Patrick Sissel from Shephardsville, Kentucky

4th place: Green River AKA Nick Maiden from McHenry, Kentucky

5th place: Kentucky Drifter AKA David Shreve from Fordsville, Kentucky

6th place: Appalachian Hillbilly AKA Roger Pierson from Hopkinsville, Kentucky

7th place: Silverado AKA Kenneth Cremeens from Brookport, Illinois

8th place: Dark Star AKA John Wells from Hartford, Kentucky

9th place: Rebel Bill AKA Dean Hedges from Utica, Kentucky

10th place: Johnny Outlaw AKA Johnny Henson from Brookport, Illinois

The sport of Cowboy Fast Draw is the fastest timed sport in the world and the Bluegrass fast draw club is the only sanctioned cowboy fast draw club in the state of Kentucky at this time. If you have ever wondered how you would have fared in a gun fight in the old west you can now find out in the sport of Cowboy Fast Draw. For more information, call Shane at 270-256-1215 or WildFire at 270-256-3446 or go to or www.bluegrassfast

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