Cottrell nabs 500 pound hog 1

Alex Cottrell with her 500-pound hog.

After a very successful deer hunting season for Alex Cottrell, age 10, where she tagged out with one buck and three doe in 2019 with her crossbow, she then decided that she wanted to go after a hog with her crossbow as well in Tennessee.

Cottrell then shot a 500-pound hog on July 2, with her Barnett Muddy Girl Crossbow in Tennessee at the Wilderness Hunting Lodge. She saw a huge hog and then lost it and then had to chase the hog up and down the mountain for over two hours before finally catching up with it again.

Cottrell hit the hog with two arrows, one being non-lethal and the other being the kill shot. She said the first shot was all her dad’s fault because he guessed at the yardage at which it was standing.

The first arrow went through the bottom of her throat and out the other side, this shot was enough to slow her down. Cottrell then cocked the crossbow and loaded a second arrow, and this time she made her dad use the bone collector rangefinder and the hog was at 22 yards. This shot was just behind the left shoulder, the hog ran down the mountain squealing leaving a foot wide blood trail. The hog finally flipped herself and landed on her arrow breaking it in half. The hog flopped a minute and then she was done. Alex went down the mountain to her hog, she was so excited.

It took four grown men and Cottrell to load the hog into the back of the Kubota to get her off the mountain. As always, she thanked the animal for the sacrifice and the hunt. She also thanked God and thanked Swhacker (this is the name of the only broad head she uses)

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