Senior Night was held before last Friday night’s football game, honoring the Grayson County High School Cougars’ 11 senior athletes.

Each athlete gave many thanks to family and friends for their support and shared their future plans.

Zack Bratcher, who has participated in four years of Cougar football, plans to pursue a degree in criminal justice.

Joey Clemons, who has participated for four years, intends to join the military after graduation.

Dalton Constant, who has participated for four years, wishes to attend Murray State University and become a game warden.

Hunter Harper, who has participated for four years, aspires to become a diesel technician.

Levi Martin, who has participated for four years, is undecided on his future plans.

Gavin McGrew, who has participated for two years, wishes to attend Middle Tennessee State College.

Mason Miller, who has participated for four years, intends to pursue a degree in mechanical engineering.

Lane Pohlman, who has participated for four years, hopes to become a game warden.

Tayten Roof, who has participated for two years, plans to attend the University of Kentucky to pursue a career in physical therapy.

Dominic Vigil, who has participated for two years, intends to become a full-time firefighter.

And last but not least, Caden Woodcock, who has participated for four years, plans to join the military.

Following Senior Night festivities, the Grayson County Cougars sent the Breckinridge County Tigers home with zero Friday night.

It was Woodcock’s night as he accounted for three rushing touchdowns. Woodcock took the ball home with a two-yard touchdown at 4:22 in the first quarter. Sophomore Jackson Kane followed up with a successful PAT to bring the score to 7-0.

The second quarter saw Woodcock’s second touchdown at 8:44. Another successful PAT from Kane brought the score to 14-0 into halftime.

At 8:51 in the third quarter, Woodcock achieved his third and final touchdown of the night at 8:51, and the PAT by Kane was good bringing the score to 21-0.

Junior Kaylor Decker brought home the Cougars’ final touchdown at 2:58 in the fourth quarter with a 32-yard run. The PAT was no good, bringing the final score to 27-0.

Woodcock ended the night with 29 rush attempts, totaling 121 yards. Junior Kaylor Decker ended with three rush attempts totaling 26 yards. Miller ended with two rush attempts totaling 13 yards. The Cougars’ superior defense was led by Bratcher with 10 tackles, followed by seniors Clemons and Miller each with five tackles.

Grayson County Cougars improve to 2-0 on the season.

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