The Grayson County Cougars hosted the Owensboro Red Devils last Friday night. The Red Devils left with a one-sided victory, as they effectively shut the Cougars out.

It was apparent the Cougars would be facing an obstacle in the name of Gavin Wimsatt, the Red Devils’ junior quarterback. Wimsatt is ranked No. 2 dual-threat quarterback in the nation and No. 1 player in the state. Wimsatt didn’t disappoint, totaling 228 yards passing for the night. The Cougars’ Kaylor Decker totaled 25.

The Cougars only managed a team total of 87 yards rushing, in comparison to the Red Devils’ total of 168. It was senior Mason Miller who led in rushing yards with 50, followed by senior Caden Woodcock with 20. Wimsatt led the Red Devils with 58.

The Cougars totaled 25 yards receiving, and Hunter Tomes led with 19 of those yards. The Red Devils totaled 197, and senior Steven Stevenson led with 84 of those yards.

Senior Zach Bratcher led the Cougar defense with a total of 13 tackles, but, ultimately, the Cougars were outplayed offensively and defensively, gaining little throughout the night.

This marked the Cougars’ second loss, falling to 5-2 on the season.

Final score: 41-0

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